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MadWorld is a 3D Beat-'Em Up for the Nintendo Wii. It's relatively notorious for having an insane amount of violence in it.

The story is essentially that there is a blood sport called "DeathWatch" that is forcefully occurring in Varrigan City which is closed off from the rest of the world. Said blood sport is about finding various ways to murder a person in odd and extravagant ways; the more brutal things you do to a person the more points you get.

Kirby likes hearing the sound-track for this game and he thinks you should like it and those who rapped in it too.

The game itself runs in black and white with buckets of red for the blood and the occasional gold for key objects or areas. It's also not very subtle with it's humor with the commentators (one of which is Bender) dicking around and making jokes at the expense of the contestants.

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  • Created by a Japanese company named Platinum Games (Remnants of Clover Studios basically.) and was published by Sega.


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