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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.

In Brief

ManMonocle is an obscure YouTube Pooper who poops mostly for his own enjoyment. His low threshold for entertainment is a blessing to himself and a curse to all others.


Mr. Monocle discovered YouTube Poop back in 2008 through Dr. Rabbit videos, but didn't find the nerve to try his hand at video editing until late 2010. He joined YouTube in 2011 and started out only making Harry Potter poops. Most of these early efforts were unfunny Spadinner-style videos. ManMonocle slowly honed his skills until he became decent at sentence mixing. After a 7-month hiatus in the second half of 2012, he returned to YouTube and finally hit his artistic stride. He is the creator of an ongoing YTP series called Poopbrothers, based on the Vlogbrothers (video bloggers John and Hank Green).

First poop made

Youtube Poop: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Spaghetti


ManMonocle's style is a frothy mixture of sentence mixing, childish sex jokes, sus-style reversals, visual masking and chroma key clusterfucks, disturbingly surreal and nightmarish montages, and ear rape. He is also known to make the occasional artsy video.

Preferred Methods

  • Sentence Mixing
  • sus and joj
  • Sex jokes
  • Creepy, surreal, nightmarish assaults against sanity
  • Subliminal messages
  • Self-deprication humor

Preferred Software

  • iMovie '11
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Garageband (rarely)
  • Videator
  • MovieEffects


  • Sex Jokes
  • Clever Sentence Mixing
  • Twin Peaks
  • Drinking and then commenting on videos
  • Meta Humor
  • Offensive and tasteless jokes
  • Creepypasta, disturbing imagery, droning, ambient music, jarring changes in mood
  • Artfaggy experimental videos
  • jallerbo


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • iMovie
  • Overly-long poops
  • His early videos
  • Comments on his videos along the lines of "dafuq did i just watch lol?"


ManMonocle has a relatively low number of subscribers, but generally maintains a strong like-to-dislike ratio on his videos and has received positive feedback from well-known poopers such as DaThings1, AwfulFawfultheFalafe, and Chemistryguy.


Criticism of ManMonocle involves overuse of sex jokes, occasional use of My Little Pony as a source, and rare use of visual effects (owing mostly to his lack of powerful software such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere).









Contrary to popular belief, ManMonocle exists in real life. He lives on the east coast of the United States and is an avid hiker and cyclist, as well as an amateur author, guitarist, and singer-songwriter. He has about 3.5 friends.


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