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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


I remember it as if it were yesterday.

First poop seen

Robotnik Synch Movie (fad starter)

First poop made

WarioWare King Koopa's Microgames (forever lost)


I use all sources possible and make a YTP out of them. It is most likely to have a plot or be a fad. I started out as a pooper and suddenly became more well-rounded.

Preferred Sources

I use all of them possible.

Preferred Methods

Any that's not Ear Rape, Erosion, or Rape Rave.

Preferred Tech

I use Windows Movie Maker because that's all that's available for me.


  • Groudon457
  • Groudon457
  • Groudon457
  • Groudon457
  • Groudon457
  • Groudon457
  • Groudon457
  • Groudon457
  • Groudon457
  • Do I even have to say it?


Good, good.


  • Also posts YTMNDs on YouTube with this account, along with short toons starring himself.
  • Also makes Low Quality Poops (or LQPs for short)
  • Found out that Groudon457 was banned for video theft
  • Found Robotnik's lab (his Yoshi was with Melink); for more info, see Meyoshi
  • Is easily confused


In short toons

Burn'd Melink

Basically what happens when Melink gets "burn'd".

Scout Melink

This is the only time Melink is blue rather than red.


A fusion of Melink and his Yoshi (name: Scarlet). After the two made off with Robotnik's tools, they tripped and landed in the fusion chamber. Meyoshi thought the weapons on his arms were cool, but now he's mastered keeping them hidden.

Game Melink

From afar, he looks like a red Link. Up close, he looks like Regular Melink.

Real Melink

For reasons of security, Real Melink has been censored.


The Cheat dressed up like Melink. See also Homestar Melink.


Melink's Weegee form. Defeatable only by Squidward.

Homestar Melink

Melink's Homestar Runner form. See also Mecheat.

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