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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.
Bigbrotherji9.jpg This source has been declared Blacklisted by its stingy owners, so be cautious when pooping this.


Moomin (Finnish: Muumilaakson tarinoita) is a Japanese-Finnish-Dutch anime television series based on the Moomin series of books by Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson. It stars the titular Moomin, his family, and his friends as they go on whimsical fantasy adventures.

Media Information

  • Type of media: Anime
  • Countries of origin:Finland, Japan, Netherlands
  • Ran for: 1990–1992


  • Moomintroll
  • Moominpappa
  • Moominmamma
  • Little My
  • Sniff
  • Snork Maiden
  • Snufkin


This show has been a very popular source used in the SinäTuubaPaska videos (which is the Finnish version of YouTube Poop).


First Used in a Poop By

  • MammaSomari

Further information

  • Starting in 2013, Oy Moomin Characters Ltd has removed some Moomin SinäTuubaPaska videos on claims of copyright infringement.