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Koopa Pack

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Tryclyde (left), Koopa Troopa (center), and Mouser (right).

The Koopa Pack was a gang hired by King Koopa to take on Mario and Luigi. However, due to their failure ratio, as well as the appearance of the Koopalings, King Koopa fired them all. They were later ripped-off by Dr. Robotnik, as the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad (aka Scratch and Grounder).

They were founded in 1984, and were dissolved in 1992.


A mouse who loves Swiss cheese. Originally spoke French, but due to the pro-anime culture of France, he changed into a German. He also calls the Mario Brothers plum-bers and constantly calls everyone else "varmints".

As seen in the picture, he is also a National Socialist.


A snake with three heads that can't decide what to do. He constantly argues with himself and sometimes disrespects King Koopa (but not Koopone as studies shown).

Koopa Troopa

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A random dopey Koopa Troopa that King Koopa hires because he is cheap. Different one in each episode.