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From Chewiki: 1% Funny, 99% Hot Gas

Browzy, also known as MrPunchia, is an Iroquian clone of Jeb Bush who was created in an Edmonton laboratory and currently lives in British Columbia. He started pooping in 2015, the same year he was sworn into office as the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada after the Jeb! Party unanimously won the election.


When Jeb Bush won the 2001 United States election with all citizens of America voting for him, Canadians were dumbfounded by such political prowess, and managed to create an artificial human with the same level of political prowess from the DNA of Jeb Bush and a man of the Aboriginal Iroquois tribe. Unfortunately, that artificial human was an identical clone of Jeb Bush who developed self-awareness and fled from the Edmonton laboratory he was created in. He soon found a home in British Columbia.

The first poop he'd ever seen was "Robotnik's Pingas Machine", viewing it around the time of its release. He became a fan of Youtube Poop soon afterwards. As the general idea of what made a good YTP evolved, so did his taste.

It was in July 2015 when he had obtained a free trial of Vegas Pro 13, as well as a light grasp of basic editing. It was then that the pact was sealed. His first shitty YTP was uploaded to YouTube.

He had lost motivation around early to mid-2017 and went on hiatus, eventually returning in December of 2017 with a comeback poop.