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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief

MrThisucks is a pooper who recently got into the craft despite crying about wanting to make them since 2009. He thinks he's the bee's knee's but he's just ok. MrThisucks is, despite being an avid pooper, not too into watching other people's poops. In fact, he barely watches any. He mostly just likes to make them so he can laugh at whatever anime he just watched. Or PBS Kids show. Or both. He mostly patrols the Youchew forums talking about penises or type in half sentences. One time he made 2 underage users RP a game of spin the bottle and made them kiss. His most upvoted post is a dead guy.


He first found out about YTP in 2008 while hanging with his cousin. He was that edgy 12-year-old that was too cool for Pokemon, so when his cousin suggested watching Pokemon, he refused. His cousin, the stubborn donkey that he was, was hellbent on watching Pokemon and so they agreed on watching parodies of Pokemon, for which none were of any quality at the time. The he watched Ash's Retarded Adventure and found out that everything could be a hilarious YTP if he looked hard enough, which then was proven wrong. Despite him making his first poop in 2014, his REAL first poop was made in 2010 in Windows Movie Maker using the default footage as a source, which was immediately taken down by Microsoft, which proves Microsoft is worse than Viacom. He then tried again in 2012 using Sony Vegas, but then deleted the preview window somehow. But wouldn't that be awesome? Making a poop in the dark, not knowing how it goes? He was then discouraged to ever attempt to make the coveted YouTube Poop, but then out of the blue in 2014 he said "Hey, fuck it."/

When he joined YouChew in search of views, he found out they had a blog function. He thought "Blogs? HA!" and thought he'd just go ahead and abuse it by critiquing anime. To his surprise, some people enjoyed what he had to say. But then, like every great man, he let his penis get ahead of him.

As of 2015, MrThisucks has also been playing YTP Tennis. His roster can be found here.

First poop seen

Ash's Retarded Adventure

First poop made

Please Love Me I'm Scared


Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software



  • Being left out
  • Ska and Reggae
  • Rapecore Poops
  • Bravo Network
  • Ghetto people
  • Extremists
  • Hipsters
  • Bacon used in cuisines they don't belong in
  • People who eat hot chips and drink energy drinks for breakfast
  • People who wear socks with sandals


"BOOORING"-Stuart K. Reilly [citation needed]


"Chobits...really?" Jubi Qayum


None so far...





Anyone whose subscribed to his channel.