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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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This article is about a Youtube Pooper that makes Flash Poops.
User.jpg  This article is about PSE1nf0, some guy who no one cares that he is, frankly, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
Hiatus.png This pooper is on Hiatus and will not be making poops for the time being.

     "PSE1nf0 is a pretty butthurt guy, eh pushes his biased views that no one else agrees with on chewiki articles and doesn't afraid of anything."~ GameCubeHero

     "no one cares" ~ The entire forum in response to many of PSE1nf0's statements


People's reactions when they mistakenly thought that PSE1nf0 was spamming Maquiladora.

Introduction to YouTube

I began making Poops when I was about 12. They consisted of the type of humor that was very typical (and considered cliché even back then) of other YouTube Poops in the time period - I even unironically used a Gay Luigi joke, and in a rather stale way at that - and also consisted of random fads of the time. In fact, only two could actually be considered full YouTube Poops.

My overall YouTube Poop style entailed a focus on storylines and on Flash effects, minus the effort and...well, anything else of substance, really.

Time on the YouChew Forums

I returned to the scene about two years later and still didn't output anything all that significant - not even a full-fledged Poop, like I had made two of in 2007. Beginning in about August 2009, I started making some random edits at this very wiki you're reading right now, and I joined the forums and began picking beefs with people whom I disagreed with, among with writing a lot of well thought-out posts. In response to the people whom I felt were out of line, I pretty much trolled them for reactions, including AbsoluteBillion over just one dispute at the Chewiki, and I did so in the most unbelievably irritating and naive way. One notable moment involved people mistakenly thinking that I was mocking a user named Maquiladora after she had to leave the forum, and I won't go into detail into what that did to my reputation, for those of you who don't know. And unfunny things that made sense only in context (and no, most people did not know of the context) comprised much of my sense of humor, at its best.

Overall, it was a very interesting time.

To summarize, I can be summed up as that guy who had a crush on both somebody who loved purple and Radock, as somebody who obsessed over editing on this very wiki, and as a less political but equally provocative and masochistic version of WhollyRufus.


Eventually, I had just disappeared from the forums altogether following my disillusionment with many of the other people at the website, and partially abandoned my use of the "PSE1nf0" username, and perhaps even my involvement with online communities altogether and lurked until the site's closure on September 30, 2018. In addition to YouChew, I had also spent a fair amount of my time (even until 2013) frequenting the Futures Passed forums by RobotComics, where I vented my qualms with YouChew and made even more random, pointless posts.

First Poop Seen

PSE1nf0 is one of the only forum members to still find humor out of Chuck Norris jokes, much to the irritation of any other sane person.

First Poop Uploaded

Current Videos

Ren Imitates Fresh TV Inc.August 6, 20090:19In reaction to the shows produced by them (e.g. Total Drama Island)) I made this fad video to provide commentary.
MustachewardAugust 22, 20090:10Response to the Squidward fad, involving the FiberOne commercial.
Patrick Hates Richard SimmonsSeptember 08, 20090:17Response to the Patrick Hates this Channel fad.
Sonic Bloopers - The Flash YTP Edition - Now a /b/-esque spamboard!September 14, 20090:55A very small Flash Poop involving a Sonic Sez scene.
YTP Short - A yellow guy gets caught by some copsSeptember 22, 20090:21Just a random Poop of a The Simpsons commercial, with a few Flash effects. A very lazily done one.
Al Bor-LandOctober 5, 20091:04Response to the Nerd Land fad.
Lasagna Cat - Lasagna Cat + Failed Attempt + 12/03/1991November 13, 20090:23Me trying to digitally edit out Garfield out of the original video.
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PSE1nf0's reputation on the internet in a nutshell.


  • He is actually a Christian. It wasn't too evident on his time at the forum, but it did occasionally manifest itself through some rather fundamentalist tendencies.
  • And he can play the piano. RobotComics would be so proud.
  • He specializes in working with templates here at the Chewiki. Incidentally, he has been said to have a "wiki fetish".
  • He wasn't exactly creative when it came to writing pages at the Chewiki. They ranged in quality from the dreadful Seinfeld page, (which ESM saved for him) to the not-as-terrible Titleinlarge page.


Favorite YouTube Users

People that don't hate him to death

People that do hate him to death prevent from overloading the servers, let's stick with the ones that don't.


Sometimes, PSE1nf0 likes to reference YouChew e-drama events through Garfield edits. Yes, this image makes no sense out of context. But if anything, it's weird and pointless in context, so let's spare you the explanation.


Humorous Rant Video Version

Quotes from a rant video produced by RobochaoXX provide a little insight into his flaws:

(For those of you unaware, in November 2009, a video produced by said user was dedicated to jabbing against me for certain stunts that I had pulled and my socially awkward nature on the forums and on the Chewiki. Good times...)

Serious Version

  • Two words: Chuck Norris. It wasn't uncommon for him to mention him for the purpose of trolling other forum members who didn't exactly appreciate Chuck Norris facts themselves.
  • Has been criticized by some other forum users, such as Probo, Dillrod90, and Misselaineous10, for gushing over the forums excessively.
  • I tended to make really stupid grammar mistakes from time to time, and didn't proofread enough. Nor checked to make sure that my jokes made any, hm, what's the word? Oh yeah, sense.

Acclaim and Reviews

All of this information still not enough? Then don't take our word for it! Listen to what these people have had to say regarding PSE1nf0!

Part of one of my old signatures at YouChewPoop. And also an accurate simulation of the stunned reactions of the people to the right of this.
  • "You think you can fix the Chewiki up yet you can't fix up your own page, how ironic."
-AbsoluteBillion on a previous revision of this Chewiki page. He wasn't exactly wrong.
  • "He spends most of his time buttfucking the Chewiki and being somewhat of a "backseater" at the place."
  • "[He] tr[ies] to[o] hard to fit in."
  • "Lo and behold the biggest hypocrit[e] ever to have spawn on my channel: (link to PSE1nf0's channel with absurdly long session ID)"
  • I have seen that guy.He rates everything 1 star and even says your page has aids."
-Y2Zero agreeing
  • "[He is known for] being quite an unliked member dispite not getting a real chance ... (at least i like ya)"
-Cynnicio. This sense of affection would not last once PSE1nf0 did get said chance.
  • "Any post by PSE1nf0 [is stupid], especially the one left in this thread.
-Eutinbon in the Stupid YouChew Comments You Found thread