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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.

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Name: Pecola
Country of Origin: Japan
Type of Source: Anime
Year Created: 2003


Pecola is a 3D Japanese anime series from Canada which stars cube-shaped anthropomorphic animals in a place called Cube Town. It is based on a series of children's picture books by Naomi Iwata.[1] The series aired on Cartoon Network in 2003 for 26 episodes. It was produced by Nelvana and Milky Cartoon. This show uses the same graphics as Gregory Horror Show, which was also created by Iwata. The series has also been shown on TV Tokyo, Teletoon in Canada, YoYo TV in Taiwan, Nick Jr. in Australia, TF1 in France and qubo in the US. The show stars Pecola, a curious and hyperactive penguin who tries to help the people of Cube Town but often wreaks havoc instead. Pecola is an orphaned penguin who lives with Pecolias, his grandfather. Cube Town is a small, isolated coastal village which contains an art museum, a beach, a lighthouse and a canal. It is located adjacent to Crescent Bay surrounded by the Rookery Mountains coastal range and serviced by regular ships (including a weekly freighter) which deliver mail, food and other supplies, as well as occasional tourists from a nearby metropolis named Cubic City. The heights above it lead into Glacier Valley which is snowbound even during summer.

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  • Pecola
  • Chewy
  • Coco
  • Robo-Pecola
  • some monkey dude
  • A talking pig
  • A old man


  • The most "famous" episode is "Detective Pecola" because of a fandub, a clip from it (older than the episode that was uploaded in 2010 this was uploaded in 2008) & the uploaded episode, its famous
{{#ev:youtube|7KApXXnRmfw|320}}the "famous" episode
  • Google will confuse this for pecola breedlove & this