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3768.gif   Kirby likes the band Ratt and he thinks you should like it too.
{{#ev:youtube|HjEYZaG8rYQ|320}}One of their newest releases.

In brief

Ratt are a hair metal band from L.A. that emerged from the '80s. SonicNerd23 has an obsession over them, quite possibly bigger than Dumbening's Queen obsession... No, scratch that. Their biggest hits include "Round and Round", "Way Cool Jr.", and "Lay It Down".


Ratt started out as Mickey Ratt in the late 70's. In 1982, they changed their name to Ratt.

After making an EP, the band went on to make their first album, Out of the Cellar. The album went 3x platinum, and the band was brought into fame. They followed up in 1985 with Invasion of Your Privacy (went 2x platinum) and Dancing Undercover (went platinum) in 1986. After that album, Ratt started to depart from their traditional sound.

In 1988, Ratt made Reach for the Sky, and the album floated away. Ratt soon followed up with what would be their last successful album thus far, due to the uprising of grunge. In 1990, they released Detonator, and the album went gold. After the recording of said album, Robbin left the band.

In 1992, the band broke up. Then, in 1996, they reformed with a new lineup, replacing Croucier with Robbie Crane. In 1999, they released another awesome album. Stephen Pearcy left the band afterward, however, he got back together with them in 2007 due to little success in his solo career pursuit.

Recently, they have released a new album, called "Infestation", which has received wide critical acclaim.


  • Warren DeMartini
  • Red Robbin Crosby {R.I.P.} (Yummmmmm. Died of AIDS and drugs.)
  • Bobby Blotzer
  • Juan Croucier
  • Stephen Pearcy


  • Not to be confused with the animal "rat".
  • Found in your mom's basement.