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Robotnik Express

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Two RX SD70ACes pull a heavy freight along the Mobius Mainline.

The Robotnik Express (R/X, reporting mark RX) is a Class I railroad controlled by Dr. Robotnik. It is crucial in shipping consumer goods, fruit and vegetables, food and perishables, and intermodal from out and about to Robotnik's Emporium distribution centers. Unfortunately for the poor doctor, the train is often late, and when it does arrive, it usually crashes in an explosion and great inferno. Therefore, it is obviously operated by poorly trained employees. However, it is said that at a final point in the journey, operations are taken over by Robotnik's own hired 2-man crew. The railroad formerly employed 'Super sucking vacuum trap' cabooses in case of attack. This has occurred before, such as when the train was involved in a terrorist plot by Da Bears in 1991.

At one point it was used to ship Robotnik a lot of KFC until Sonic and Tails hijacked and crashed it.


Even though the locomotives and equipment running the R/X are often times leased from other Class I railroads, a fair fraction of the rolling stock operated is actually owned by the railroad. Here is a roster of the various pieces of equipment used by the R/X:

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RX class 46 hauling empty cars out of a yard, 1987.

All-Time Motive Power

  • 1 ex-PRR A5s 0-4-0 Steam Locomotive (1975-1991, sold for preservation.)
  • 25 ex-British Railways class 35 "Hymek" (1976-1989, all scrapped in 1990)
  • 20 ex-British Railways class 46 (1984-2005, 1 destroyed/scrapped after collision, 1 sold for preservation, others scrapped in 2005)
  • 80 ex-British Railways class 08 shunter (1975-)
  • 5 EMD SD40-2s (2001-2009, returned to CSX Transportation after the railroad's reorganization.)
  • 75 EMD SD70ACe's (2004-)

Current Rolling Stock

  • 250 flatcars (including center-beam and coil cars)
  • 300 boxcars
  • 450 refrigerator cars
  • 600 covered hopper cars

Non-Revenue Equipment

  • 5 Cabooses with super-sucking vacuum traps (1975-1999, replaced with FREDs, all scrapped in 2001.)
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This locomotive was leased to the R/X.


  • RX had its first derailment in 1977, when an RX class 35 hauling 10 PC&F boxcars loaded with mushrooms derailed near Nottingham, PA. Luckily, nobody was harmed in the derailment, and every single piece of rolling stoc involved was returned to active service by 1978.
  • A collision occurred in 1988, outside of Camden, NJ, when an RX class 46 hauling 7 boxcars collided with another freight train hauled by an RX class 35 hauling 8 refrigerator cars. The class 46 was destroyed beyond repair, and was scrapped on the scene. The class 35 was cannibalized for parts to keep the others working, before the whole class was scrapped.
  • A highly-publicized hijacking occurred in 1991 of a train hauled by an RX A5s class steam locomotive by a 2-man terrorist organization called "Da Bears".

Crisis and Reorganization

From late 2008 to early 2009, Robotnik starting using his goods and defenses less and less because he started using his PINGAS, his presidential campaigns, and his genius to his advantage. This caused the trains to arrive less and less due to the fact that he rarely needed the goods anymore, even if the train arrived on time. On December of 2009, under the advice of Scratch and Grounder, Robotnik began a series of integration initiatives under a major reorganization effort to save the company. This included, but was not limited to, a partnership with the King's "K" Line Shipping Corporation in 2010, an alliance with BNSF Railway, and the establishment of a new employee and engineer training center. These initiatives have since benefited the company greatly, as well as reduced accident claims.