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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
NiceBoomer2.jpg This pooper started during late 2006 - early 2007, when YouTube Poop experienced a boom in popularity.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!
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The account(s) Rummy44 has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!


I Saw Kajetokun's "PIZZA" in late 2006 and decided to try making videos similar to his, eventually I released one called "@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" out of some Naruto episode but I deleted it because I didn't like it and it had the hypercam watermark and the sound was messed up, I made a new one about 2 months later called "I'M SO PSYCHED" and I decided to record with the hypercam box outside the video then edit that video and then crop the outside out using Flash and then exporting the flash as an AVI and then recording the audio from the swf then importing the AVI and WAV and putting them together in Windows Movie maker and then exporting it as a WMV, this took far too much effort and I didn't make another poop till a few months later where I found a site with custom transitions for Windows Movie Maker which had a zoom one which cropped out the hypercam waermark, eventually I acquired a registered version of Hypercam and found websites that let you rip videos off youtube. My "Rummy44" account got suspended in 2009 due to copyright and pornography and my back up one "Rummy44alt" got suspended in 2010 for using a javascript exploit to reduce people's subscribers to 0 and I made a new account "NotRummy44" however I was unable to recover any of my old videos because someone took my old graphics card. In 2004 I started messing around with some Ulead software I had and made some videos that would be considered as youtube poops today but I only made about 3, I mainly did really purposely stupid although still stupid AMVs.

Also was in a Five piece Nu-jazz band called THE PINEZ.

First poop seen


First poop made



  • Black Metal
  • Red Alert 2
  • Anime
  • Yuri
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Noise


  • Death Note
  • Sony Vegas
  • Yoshi


  • Pissing everyone off.
  • Made a fake Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Leaked in-game video that was actually DuckRoll and got around 100,000 views.

Preferred Methods

  • Ear Rape
  • Compression
  • Windows Movie Maker with tons of custom effects layered on and volume set louder, then compressed and more effects added and made even louder
  • Annoying Repetition
  • Anti-Humour

Preferred Sources

  • Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
  • Black Metal Videos
  • Red Alert 2
  • Lucky Star
  • TV Adverts
  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Outlaw Star


  • Kajetokun
  • RetardedAnimeParody
  • TaiheniAtneH
  • Superyoshi
  • Idiotska
  • Yaminomalex
  • MrSimonAlt
  • Mamarisa