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Running in the '90s

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Running in the '90s is a Eurobeat song by Italian artist Maurizio De Jorio (under the pseudonym "Max Coveri"). It was first released on February 25, 1998, on the Japanese compilation album "Super Eurobeat Volume 85". The song became well-known in Japan and worldwide due to its usage in the street racing anime, Initial D. It was also featured on some of the series's soundtrack albums.

It was commonly used in "boom"/2007-era YouTube Poop, and was notable for its usage in videos by Deepercutt among others.


Elsewhere on the Web

The song probably crossed over to YouTube Poop thanks to its usage in the "LOL INTERNET" YTMND fad, originating on that site on April 7, 2005. It is thus one of two songs to osmose into YTP fad-dom thanks to Ronald McDonald.


  • Max Coveri contributed other songs to Initial D, such as "Speedy Speed Boy" (as "Marko Polo").