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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) SirSigma has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
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The account(s) MrSirSigma has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!
Newmoderatorimagethatwillhopefullysatisifypeoplethistime.png  SirSigma is a former moderator for the YouChew forums.
Closed.png The account SirSigmaTV has been Closed.

In brief

SirSigma is currently a user on the YouChew forums and has been since very early 2008. He is known to his subscribers for being somewhat inactive in releasing new content.


He discovered YouTube Poop after seeing the "First poop seen" below by Xtiger17, and later discovering WalrusGuy's videos and being inspired to make some of his own YTPs. When he first joined YouChew, it was during the "War on AIDS" on Vanilla, which made him a bit timid on sharing too much of his work with the forum. After making enough videos, he soon discovered Sony Vegas, which prompted him to stop using WMM in favor of a copy of Vegas Pro 9. Upon getting a copy of it, he slowly learned to use it little by little over time.

After pumping out new videos every two or three weeks on his now defunct YouTube account, SirSigma, he slowly became less active and was greatly discouraged to continue making videos after his suspension. Despite that, he saved most of his original videos and uploaded them to his second, also defunct account, MrSirSigma.

Eventually, the second account was suspended due to a copyright claim from ScrewAttack on an AVGN poop he made, and that leads us to SirSigma's third account, drsirsigma, which is now nearing 100 subscribers at the time of writing this article. It was in May 2010 where he was quick to poop the viral video, I HATE YOU JOSH I'M A TEEN WEREWOLF, by Alphawerewolff, when he began to see a surge of subscribers and views from his nearly zero amount before then.

Currently, SirSigma has abandoned his drsirsigma account due to inconveniences with logging into Gmail and YouTube with different accounts, so he has started a new channel known as SirSigmaTV. He only uses it on occasion. Due to Alphawerewolff's account closure, SirSigma has been less inspired to make videos in general, except for a trap account he uses on occasion.

First poop seen

the king wants to die by Xtiger17, who is no longer making YTPs. This relatively simple video was what introduced SirSigma to YTP.

First poop made

SirSigma cannot remember the first poop he made on YouTube. It is lost forever like a few of his earlier videos due to the unexpected suspension of his first account. Although he began to back up all his videos a year later, several of his original videos are lost forever.


Despite the listed "Preferred Methods" below, SirSigma has a hard time pinpointing an exact style. He initially made videos wanting to be like WalrusGuy, then later incorporating more ear rape and effects to appease the "War on AIDS"-era YouChew, and then later deciding he simply likes making whatever makes him laugh.

Preferred Sources

  • Alphawerewolff's videos
  • Insane Clown Posse music videos
  • Seth MacFarland's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy
  • Select music videos by Limp Bizkit

Preferred Methods

  • Sentence Mixing
  • Tech
  • Deja Vu
  • Ear Rape (rarely used now)
  • Stutter Loop

Preferred Software

  • Sony Vegas Pro 11
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5.1
  • Any Video Converter Free


  • YTPs that make him laugh
  • WalrusGuy's videos
  • A particular shade of green, as evidenced by his YouTube channel
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Detective Conan/Case Closed
  • Computers
  • Weight lifting
  • Stone Sour (and many other hard rock and heavy metal groups)
  • Alchemy
  • Writing stories


  • Largely unedited footage
  • Censor Beep
  • Seriously outdated memes in videos, with some exceptions
  • New memes in general (ragefaces and Advice Dog spinoffs)
  • Apple
  • Nintendo


SirSigma does not get a lot of reception due to how relatively unknown he is for his videos, but he has a small following of subscribers who await and watch his latest videos upon upload. For the most part, people are simply unaware that his channels even exist.


Users who defend Evan (Alphawerewolff) have, on multiple occasions, falsely accused SirSigma of being the "Josh" that he mentions in his videos due to how nearly all of his more recent videos use Alphawerewolff as a source, and how he jokingly used the title "a.k.a. Josh's Account" on his channel after a comment remarked asking "Is this Josh's account? XD" on one of his videos. In some cases with more oblivious YouTube users, some have also falsely accused SirSigma of being Evan himself.

SirSigma also admits that he is relatively inactive with releasing videos, sometimes taking several months at a time before bothering to upload anything. But whenever he does, he is often proud of his work and believes if so much as anybody laughed at the video, then it served its true purpose.


Long ago when SirSigma had his first account and Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade was still going on YouTube, the "Two Ducks Watch Meet The Parents" video was released, and SirSigma had the idea to edit them watching Family Guy instead. WalrusGuy favorited the video and it received quite a surge in views and praise from users saying "Woah did you know Walrusguy favorited this?"

Fast forward to May 2010 the day after Alphawerewolff's first video on teen werewolves goes viral, and SirSigma, on his drsirsigma account, immediately downloaded the video and meticulously made a video different than his previous style. It becomes a hit and is even featured now on the Teen Werewolves Know Your Meme page.

SirSigma was also surprised that his last video before he discovered Alphawerewolff, Insane Clown Posse explains the Theory of Relativity, gained more views and attention than he expected.


  • The entire moderation staff on YouChew
  • Dopply
  • Crazy Luigi
  • PapaGonzales


  • WalrusGuy
  • Deepercutt (some videos)
  • KroboProductions (some videos)


In terms of YTP, SirSigma has a very limited (likely nonexistent at this point) group of fans


SirSigma is perhaps best known on YouChew for his avatar edits involving characters edit in some way to have the upper-case sigma (Σ) edit onto them, whether it be on their faces, eyes, or somewhere else.

It originally started when he edit a picture of CD-I Link to have a Sigma mask and gray clothes in Photoshop in hopes to make a flash poop frame by frame before he gave up after realizing just a few frames was tiring enough and using the picture as an avatar. Since then, he continued adding sigmas over other avatars in some semblance of a tradition.

SirSigma has made a joke out of telling others he is from Saudi Arabia when pressed on where he's from.