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This article refers to either a food found in Youtube Poop, or an article related to food. Either way, it sure is delicious. MMMMMMMMMM, food!

Soda, also known as pop, soda pop, or Coke in some regions, is a drink that's filled with lots of sugar. It doesn't contain any alcohol, but it's just as addictive to drink. Drinking too much soda at one time could cause major problems for your health, unless you're Soda Popinski. Also, it can be used to make milkshakes floats, which is like ice cream covered in soda. Furthermore, it also works as a makeshift potion for Pokemon.

People Who Like Soda

This is basically Soda Popinski's wet dream.
Max Headroom wants you to buy his soda.
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Awesome Ken doesn't like soda at all.

People Who Don't Like Soda

List of Sodas