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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
NiceBoomer2.jpg This pooper started during late 2006 - early 2007, when YouTube Poop experienced a boom in popularity.
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My first avatar, an enhanced gothic photo of myself.
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My second (current) avatar, an enhanced gothic photo of myself, like my first.
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My avatar on the YouTube Poop forum.
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A mosaic of Mama Luigi made by me! XD

SuperNinbendo is my gay username for YouTube and DailyMotion. I'm best known for making YouTube Poops and am a member of the YouTube Poop forums. I started my pooping career on Friday 13 April 2007.


I originally anticipated my YouTube username to be Ninbendo (a play on Nintendo), as I am known on Newgrounds and GameGum. I was forced to come up with an alternative as another YouTube user already had the name. Although nobody criticized my username, I was unhappy in what I chose because it's a gay name. I tried to rebuild my entire account under the name of MasterCheshire. I later thought that this new username was even worse than before, and my fame would be forgotten. I soon scrapped the idea and continued as normal with SuperNinbendo.

YouTube Poop Career

Pk_flZFNR34|250}} SuperNinbendo's first Youtube Poop.

Discovering YTP

After watching various clips from the Zelda CD-i games, I came across Philips' Phrightfest. Back then, the name YouTube Poop was yet to be invented. I laughed throughout the entire video, but I realised these videos were very popular yet easy to make.

Pooping Style

My poops are protected from insanity, unlike most YTPs. I frequently use a lot of content from Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, Hotel Mario, Mama Luigi and more recently, Resident Evil 4. I make poops with Windows Movie Maker on Windows Vista. Some of my poops use special effects with Flash CS3, similar to the style of link123456. I have also made special contributions and YouTube Poop Music Videos (YTPMV).


On Friday 13 April 2007, I started making my own YouTube Poops. I was very pleased with the feedback, despite feeling disappointed with my debut.

Poop List

Zelda CD-i Mania

Main article: Zelda CD-i Mania

My first YTP. The mock featured a parody of GTA 4 (AKA Grand Theft Auto IV) which involved the king from the Zelda CD-i games saying words of the character, Niko Bellic, from the first GTA 4 trailer. Watch it here.

Life on CD-i Hyrule [two-parter]

Main article: Life on CD-i Hyrule

A two-parter mocking the final episode of Life on Mars (BBC drama). The first part was made on the same day as Zelda CD-i Mania. Watch part 1 here. Watch part 2 here.


My fourth YTP and, in my opinion, my worst. Watch it here.

CaCD-i Royale

My first YTPMV which had the Philips CD-i characters miming to You Know My Name from the film Casino Royale (note the word play in the title). Watch it here.

Philips CD-i does Stupid MF (and more YTP)

My second, most successful YTPMV which had the Philips CD-i characters miming to Stupid MF. Watch it here.


A short YTP again mocking Life on Mars. Watch it here.


My first YTP to feature Mama Luigi. Watch it here.

Mama Luigi in a nutshell

Every time a character mentioned Mama Luigi scrambled into one video. Watch it here.


My most popular YTP involving the king and his dinner. Watch it here.

A remix of The Electric Cheese's first YTP logo which made it into the top 100 YouTube Poops of all time. Watch it here.


Featured another GTA 4 parody, this time with the second trailer. Watch it here.

Philips CD-i & friends sing Die Another Day

My eagerly awaited third YTPMV. This time, Die Another Day. Watch it here.

He's called MAMA LUIGI!

Made as part of a three way contest organised by members of the YTP forum. It was between me, BigMarioandTailsfan and TangerineImpz. It ended with a tie between me and BigMarioandTailsfan. The poop is most notable for the James Bond themed intro. Watch it here.


A short remix of the tutorial scene in Link: The Faces of Evil. Made in response to The Electric Cheese's popular YTP fad - MAMA LUIGI XXX. Watch it here.

A YouTube Poop pooping The Electric Cheese's old YouTube Poop Rant

Title says all. Watch it here.

A YouTube Poop for Die Hard fans only (literally)

A YTP with an epic Die Hard themed story. Watch it via the YouTube server or via the DailyMotion server.


Made to show my anger with Windows Movie Maker. Watch it here.


Made to show my anger with Windows Vista. Watch it here.

Exclusive! Halo: The Movie (working title) - Teaser Trailer

What? This isn't a YTP... is it? Watch it here.


Unveils the REAL reason why The Electric Cheese transformed, and why Resident Evil 4 is one of the most poopable games to date - even though it rocks. Watch it here.

Dramatic Prairie Dog in Hotel Mario

Title says all! Watch it here.


A Christmas themed remix made in response to gnomebob's popular YTP fad - LUIGI WINDS A TOY WHILE I PLAY UNFITTING MUSIC. Watch it here.

Alternate Green Giant tagline

Title says all! Watch it here.

Sonic invades Panorama

My first poop to feature clips from the Sonic cartoons. Watch it here.

Foot Powerz ACTIVATE

A poop focused entirely on the infamous THIS IS SPARTA scene from 300. Watch it here.

Gwonam's Terrorist Threat

A way of me ranting about how hard it is to make original YouTube Poops. The bulk of the poop was animated in Flash. Watch it via the YouTube server or via the DailyMotion server.

Chain Poop Contributions


A link in BMATF / BigMarioandTailsfan's Chain Poop. It was round 40. As it was Chain Poop, it featured recycled content from round 39 by LightningSpike - titled Everything actually happened in silent mode. I made it in a rush, so it was not as long as it could have been. It has been criticized for not containing enough clips from previous poops in the chain. For more information, click here. Watch it here.

Poopers Unite Contributions

Poor Leon

A short poop which was originally featured in Calculate900's Poopers Unite!: The Ultimate Collaboration (Part 3). That video, and his account, has since been taken down. So I later submitted my clip on it's own. For more information, click here. Watch it here.

Cancelled / Deleted YTPs

I featured some of my unfinished / cancelled YouTube Poops in Philips CD-i does Stupid MF - hence the subtitle.

Life on CD-i Hyrule prequels

I posted a bulletin on my channel confirming I would make a series of prequels to my Life on CD-i Hyrule series. Nothing has been made since.

Hotel Mario Intro (with eughey)

A YTP I removed because a fellow pooper had done exactly the same thing before me.

The King's Finger

A Photoshop edit of the opening scene of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. I removed this because I thought the joke could be recycled into one of my future YTPs. It eventually made an appearance in JAMES TUCKED INTO HIS RUINED SPAM.


A successful YTP mocking The Simpsons. Unfortunately, it has been rejected by the YouTube staff for containing copyrighted content.

Personal Info

Name: Ben

Age: 13

Country: UK

Interests and Hobbies: Playing computer games, making videos, making Flash stuff...

Job: Student





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