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Tennisicon.png Tennisplayer is a frequent Poop Tennis player.

How to Use

  • Put this on top of your pooper page if you participate in tennis frequently. Obviously this is not meant for people that do one or two matches on occasion. But the term frequently is used rather loosely. Just use common sense. There is no need to put this on a Cafe Staff member's page since the Cafe Staff template has the same features. Anyway here are the codes:
  • If the pooper doesn't play tennis any more or is confirmed to be retired, put:
  • If the pooper is simply inactive with tennis, put:
  • If you wish to add a link to a tennis roster, from the Roster Thread:
{{tennisplayer|roster=URL of the roster post here}}
  • You can also use both functions at the same time:
{{tennisplayer|past=yes|roster=URL of the roster post here}}