The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab

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This article is about a YTP Collab. Bring your Friends!

"The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab" is the 2nd YTP collab hosted by IsaiahTheVargas1117, released in October of 2018. This collab was based off of Treehouse of Horror, the series of Simpsons halloween episodes.


The Collab featured 52 entrants, all of which pooping on 5 segments from various Treehouse of Horror episodes chosen for this collab.

The Segments included featured:

  • The Shinning
  • The Devil and Homer Simpson
  • Time and Punishment
  • Dial "Z" For Zombies
  • Bart Simpsons' Dracula

The collab is 79 minutes long, with The Shinning segment being the longest and most pooped segment in the collab.


The Collab began production in April of 2018, when Isaiah opened the collab Discord server with his friend TheZapster. A few people joined at the point, but popularity began to rise once the collab Announcement video was released in May. Entries were being submitted slowly throughout the summer, spiking in August up until October.

The original due date of October 8th was pushed back to October 20th, due to entrants having to finish their entries late. The collab was released on October 22nd.

The collab has been criticized for it's low video quality. This was a result of Isaiah's editing software and computer filling up with storage too easily, so Isaiah would spend many hours rendering and compressing video files in order to get a reasonable file size, resulting in the collab looking 540p. Another rendering error occurred during the end of the collab, when the last minute of audio mysteriously went quiet, completely silencing the after credits scene of the collab. This problem was fixed with the release of the Nightmare Edition of the collab, a improved version of the original collab with audio fixes, new material, and more.


Due to the late entries and computer troubles, the collab was supposed to premiere on Youtube on October 21st. But just as the collab was about to premiere, the video was suddenly blocked by 20th Century Fox for 3 audio/video claims, confusing and angering fans at the premiere, especially Isaiah. Because of this, Isaiah had to work all night to mask the claimed parts, and reuploaded the collab the same night, still getting claimed by Fox. Desperate, Isaiah filed a dispute claim with Fox on the video, somehow unblocking the video, and helping it to premiere as planned. Fox later received the dispute and lifted all of their claims from the video.


The collab has been met with generally positive reviews from fans. Many like its segment style editing, the different running jokes and themes, and commercial breaks, with others criticizing the long runnning time, low video quality, and mediocre entries/jokes. The collabs success helped to boost Isaiah's popularity in the YTP community, created the "No Dead MayMays in My Collab" running joke, and the video has since become Isaiah's 2nd most popular video at 207k Views.

The popularity of the collab has led to the release of two more Treehouse of Horror collabs, The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab 2: Simpsons BOOgaloo, which was released in October 2019, and The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab 3, set to release in October 2020.