The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab 2: Simpsons BOOgaloo

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This article is about a YTP Collab. Bring your Friends!

"The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab 2: Simpsons BOOgaloo" is the 6th YTP Collab hosted by IsaiahTheVargas1117 and the sequel to "The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab". This collab was released in October of 2019.


A sequel to the first Treehouse collab was planned before the first one released. Many people were upset that certain Treehouse segments were left out of the first collab, so a sequel would help to let poopers use segments that were left out. A teaser trailer created by GuffKid was released in January of 2019, with the Discord server being made 4 months later, being left private and open to certain entrant. The collab was officially announced to be open in August of 2019, during the first P3 conference where it was shown off. Entrants and Entries increased exponentially for the sequel, and the collab ended up becoming longer than the first one, at 142 minutes. The collab was released on October 26th, but had to be re-released on October 28th. (Details Below)


The Collab features 5 new segments that were available for entrants to poop.

These segments featured:

  • Bad Dream House
  • King Homer
  • Homer3
  • Clown Without Pity
  • Nightmare Cafeteria

Out of the 5 segments, Homer3 was the most used, with the segment itself making up around 40 minutes of the collab.

The collab also featured the return of Commercial breaks in between segments, and also featured an Art showcase and a short story segment by luke salmen.

Video Takedown

While the sequel didn't have any problems with copyright claims, the initial premiere video was taken down without warning the day after its premiere. The reasons specified were vague, only listing the reason as "Inappropriate content". No one knows for sure what happened, but many assume the video was falsely flagged by users who were "Dislike Bombing" the initial video. The collab was re-released on Youtube the following day alongside a "VHS Version" provided by NationOfOranges696


The Sequel was met with higher praise than it's predecessor, saying that the jokes landed better, the video quality and editing was improved, and the collab felt less experimental. Some people didn't take kindly to the long running time and sometimes overuse of running gags, including the return of the "No Dead MayMays in My Collab" joke made popular in the first Treehouse collab. The collab was still met with positive reactions and has since become Isaiah's second most popular collab with 71k views currently, and fans wanting a third installment.