The Wacky World Of Tex Avery

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Name: The Wacky World Of Tex Avery
Country of Origin: France
Type of Source: Animated TV show
Created By: DiC Entertainment
Year Created: 1997
Number of Episodes: 65
Year Ended: 1999

First Poop: dvariano

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The Wacky World Of Tex Avery is an animated series by DiC that has almost nothing to do with the late great MGM animation director, Tex Avery, other than his name being on it.


  • Tex Avery: The cartoon stars a goat-riding cowboy (voiced by Billy West) who saves the day and his girl Chasity Knott (voiced by Kathleen Barr) from his nemesis Sagebrush Sid (voiced by Billy West). Based on Bob Clampett's (a fellow animator at Warner Bros Studios in the 1930s) "Red Hot Ryder" from Buckaroo Bugs (WB 1944). Usually appears as the opening segment, although not every episode has a Tex Avery segment.
  • Einstone: Einstone is pedantic butthole that orders all the other cavemen around and tells them to do stuff for his amusement. He has tumors in his nose and is a nod to Albert Einstein.
  • Ghengis & Khannie: Ghengis the lion (voiced by Lee Tockar) leads his army across the world to conquer in the name of his Emperor (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) and meets a young female panda named Khannie (voiced by Cree Summer) who tends to ruin his conquering plans. A play on the name Genghis Khan. Ghengis is based on the lion from "Slap Happy Lion" (MGM 1947)
  • Maurice & Mooch: Maurice the Chicken (voiced by Terry Klassen) outwits Mooch the Fox (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) who constantly tries to eat him. Maurice is based on the canary character from "King-Size Canary", and acts rather like the pig boy in "One Ham's Family".
  • Pompeii Pete: A short bumbling Roman centurion from Pompeii (voiced by Ian James Corlett) was buried in lava and 2,000 years later is free to live in the modern world. His behavior annoys a businessman named Dan (voiced by Alec Willows).
  • Power Pooch: A normal dog (voiced by Phil Hayes) gained superpowers after licking a superhero's (parody of Superman) shoe and became a superhero himself along with his blue cat sidekick Little Buddy (voiced by Lee Tockar). The Power Pooch segments are said to be the best and most original thing the show has to offer.
  • Freddy the Fly: A fly (voiced by Billy West )that spends his time bothering a rich fat woman, Amanda Banshee(voiced by Scott McNeil).

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