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In Brief

ThornBrain is a video editor, comedian, musician, and Let's Player who did YouTube Poops from 2008-2010. He started in January 2008 on the channel comicstripdude, which he closed in January 2010 and began working as ThornBrain. He deleted most of his old, bad YTPs, moved the rest to his side account IAMAGUINESSSTAND, and made a handful more before retiring from YTP indefinitely in December 2010; he did however began releasing his music as part of the now-defunct YouChew-connected netlabel "Futures Passed Free Music" at this same time.

Thorn held a retrospective stream of his YTPs in February 2016. The mixture of nostalgic enjoyment and embarrassment convinced him to give YTPing another try, so he returned to making poops sporadically from then-on.



One day Thorn searched up videos of the Rabbids from their eponymous Rayman game. One of the videos was a confusing pastiche of Rabbid clips with scenes from a cartoon starring raccoons. Eventually he came to know this style of video as YouTube Poop, and he thereby discovered Stegblob. Thorn constantly downloaded Stegblob's videos to watch on his iPod in High School, eventually deciding to make his own on Windows Movie Maker in January 2008. The first was based on Countdown with Keith Olbermann, titled "Keith Olbermann Says You've Done Bad Things". It was bad. It's also long gone, like most poops from this channel.

He followed it up with many awful newbie-ish poops: "Robotnik Has Phone Sex with the King" (later renamed "STOP FUCKING WATCHING THIS SHIT" due to its high traffic), "Robotnik Gets Rick Roll'd While Preying on Scratch", an addition to the 71519 fad called "71519 Lashes to Thine Backside", many "Unfitting Musics", a second fad video that was an offshoot of 71519, his first YTPMV called "DIESES FILM ENTHALT DIE KLOWN-MASCHINE" (of Ronald McDonald singing Kraftwerk's "The Man Machine"), "Keith and Billo Fight to the Death", an addition to the "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN" fad called "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GODDAMN DOTS THAT WIN", five more unfitting musics, a Word Trim of Robotnik saying "dick" (spliced from "dictator"), even more unfitting musics, "The Doctor Annoys Himself", a Re-poop of his first two Robotnik YTPs called "Robotnik Has Phone Sex With Rick Astley", and then one last unfitting music before leaving YTP alone for a while. Then he downloaded the trial to Sony Vegas 9.

Thorn didn't use Vegas immediately after downloading; all he had wanted for the longest time was the ability to reverse clips, which he had to supplant with just reversing audio in Audacity. He simply used Vegas to reverse a couple Robotnik clips, which he included in the only WMM-based poop that he kept after closing comicstripdude: "Robotnik Makes Some Suggestions". He canceled the first trial sometime around here, instead making a "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN" of the Zelda: Majora's Mask theme to "Stone Tower Temple", called "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN ON A MOLECULAR LEVEL" and using Robotnik's "pingas", Morshu's "mmmm" and Ronald's "Ran ran ruu".

The end of November 2008 rolled around, and he decided to go for Vegas again. He pooped a video YouTube user asilentskeptic posted, this time using Vegas for almost all of the editing and only used WMM to put the individual sections of poop together. One week later, determined to use the trial to its fullest, he created "Azumanga Daiohfuckit". It's perhaps the most important YTP he's made as it kickstarted an improvement in his editing skills, he had an incredible amount of fun putting it together, it began a series of YTPs based on Azumanga Daioh, and it got falsely DMCA'd along with one of DualScreen77's Azumanga poops. A few days after he followed with "Chiyo-Chan's Not Good at Cock". It's technically unfinished, but it was the first to prominently use stuttering/seizures.

The Vegas trial ran out shortly after, so he briefly returned to WMM and Audacity to create "Coughlan666 Prefers the Zelda Series", a remix of the "Molgera" theme from Zelda: Wind Waker and a psychotic video by YouTube comedian Richard Coughlan. Coughlan liked it so much that he reuploaded it to his own channel and included it in one of his highlight reels. A month or two passed when Thorn's computer died, following a long bought of unresponsive-DVD drive. He switched to his dad's old laptop and decided to give EditStudio a chance, but it was jarring to switch over to a new layout and work style, so he abandoned YTP for some time. In mid-April 2009, inspired by the EditStudio prowess of Combuskenisawesome, he gave it another shot and stuck with it long enough to endure the crashes and random fuck-ups to create "Chiyo the Headbanger" and "Kimura Sweet Kimura".

In August 15, 2009, with a new computer and a full copy of Vegas Movie Studio 9 in hand, he proceeded to create "Robotnik's Stuck in Fuckin' Chickentown", and a Young Ones poop inspired by TimAJH called "Mike's Gutter Bitch". After a week or two of talking with Pilli10, HoZKiNZPooP, MexicanSunflower and a number of others in a large group Skype chat, HoZKiNZ and Thorn came up with some stupid Zelda CD-i jokes that HoZKiNZ urged Thorn to make into a poop, called "DA BESTEST POOP EVAR". Both HoZKiNZ and Pilli responded with their own variations on stupid CD-i poops, spurred on by Thorn having Link say that they both suck; Pilli's had Gwonam saying "comicstripdude sucks penis".

For two following videos Thorn was taught by the people in the group chat how to autopoop with Pinnacle Studio 12. One was of "DA BESTEST POOP EVAR" and another was of an Azumanga Daioh clip of the girls reaching Okinawa. Thorn was inspired by the latter to do a full poop of the Okinawa clip, titled "Insert Portal Reference Here". It was posted as a response to Geibuchan's "Tomo and the Blustery Day" poop, and Geibuchan praised the video. Geibuchan would go on to make YTPs that blow anything Thorn makes out of the water.

Thorn YTP'd "Amazing Horse" by Weebl as "My Horse is Okay", inspired by Bikeman48837 and both enjoyed by a lot of people and hated by others looking for the original video. After a couple of YTPMVs and a Crazy Bruce video called "Crazy Cannon", Thorn made an alt account: IAMAGUINESSSTAND.


IAMAGUINESSSTAND was created in a Skype call with Thorn, Stuart K. Reilly, HoZKiNZPooP, OMGTSN, and others; jokes were being made about phonetically pronouncing "omgtsn", and Thorn added "I am a Guinness stand". Deciding it would make for an amusing account name, he created the channel (forgetting the second 'n' when naming the account), and Stuart provided the Guinness Draft tank background for it.

The original idea for the account was uploading very short YTP ideas that Thorn would have, then combining the numerous small videos into a full Megapoop that would be uploaded to comicstripdude. Though numerous miniature poops were created through November 2009, primarily of Crazy Bruce, only one megapoop was made, titled "Spazzy Bruce's Megapoops". Following it, he uploaded what was for a time his most popular video, WHO'S CHRIDDOF NOW, a YTP of an Evil Dead 2 scene and surreal 3D videos by MrChriddof. Also in November, Thorn started making short, not necessarily YTP videos, and these would account for a good chunk of his uploads until February. Occasionally, these would be based on inside jokes between him and his parody video group. He made one last proper YTP based on a music video by Los Angeles band Sparks, "I shit on everything", before going into a short hiatus.

On February 25 2010, Thorn officially announced the closing of the comicstripdude channel and his transfer to the ThornBrain username, as well as making IAMAGUINESSSTAND his YouTube Poop-only channel. Thorn deleted most of his YTPs but kept and reuploaded his more-recent ones that he was still fairly proud of to IAMAGUINESSSTAND. The oldest kept video is "THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN ON A MOLECULAR LEVEL", and the oldest proper YTP is "Robotnik Makes Some Suggestions".

After reuploading everything he wanted through March 1, he made another semi-popular YTP called "COCK CHEESE CURRAY" based on a bizarre, Japanese cheese curry commercial. Aside from two small, random videos, he would not make another until May 7 when he started his first Tennis match with CrazyPillX based on 70s and 80s music videos. Thorn also YTP'd a blog by his favorite internet musician, Daniel Earwicker, which was titled "Pleasant British Fellow in a Box" and received a positive comment from Earwicker himself. After some time waiting for CrazyPillX to upload round 5, Thorn quickly lost interest in YouTube Poops and largely fell out of the community. He would not upload anything new to IAMAGUINESSSTAND for five months, instead refocusing to his Let's Plays and parody videos.

On October 9, Thorn uploaded a sequel to his surreal text-to-speech video, "A Chicken Named Dennis - Episode 1", titled "A Pigeon Named Devin - (Dennis Episode 2)", of which all of the jokes were leftover from January in hopes of a sequel. He got the itch to make YTP again on December 1, pooping Mock the Week with "Tory Catenna Mocks the Weak" and finally ending the Tennis game with his part 6. However, after an attempt to rejoin the Skype group and immediately being kicked back out by HoZKiNZ, Thorn lost all motivation and interest in YTP, and IAMAGUINSSSTAND went into indefinite hiatus. He would not make a new YTP for the next five years, excluding the occasional YTP-influenced video he'd make for TheMidnightFrogs.

2016 Return

In February 2016, Thorn held a YouTube Poop retrospective stream where he showed off his old YTPs and talked about making them, inspired by MrSimon and Stuart K. Reilly doing the same thing. The mixture of enjoyment, nostalgia, and embarrassment, plus a comment from his friend Highwang about Frankensteining the best bits together into one last YTP, brought back Thorn's itch to do YTP. Instead of putting old clips together into a new video, Thorn opted to completely remake "Azumanga Daiohfuckit" as "Azumanga DaiohmygodwhathaveIDone", due to the original being blocked worldwide for a content ID match. Still unsure if he wanted to properly get back to YTP, he made an all-new poop of his friend JigglyJacob playing The Sims 4 titled "Spoiled Veggie Burgers". He had so much fun making it, and Jacob and their friends liked it so much, that Thorn got back into pooping again properly. He stopped consistently making them again at the end of March, but he will occasionally put together a new one.

First poop seen

A YTP based on the Raving Rabbids and a cartoon starring a raccoon. The title has long been lost to history.

First poop made

"Keith Olbermann Says You've Done Bad Things". It was deleted long before Thorn changed accounts.


Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Tech


Poop Listing

Does not include random/surreal videos or anything from comicstripdude that wasn't saved (January 29, 2008 onward)

November 7, 2009 - November 10, 2009 (Spazzy Bruce's Megapoops)

  1. Crazy Brows
  2. We Rape You
  3. Havin A Good Bruce
  4. Crazy Horse
  5. Crazy Cock Suckers
  6. Crazy Wood
  7. Del
  8. Spastic Bruce
  9. Blame it on His Age
  10. Somebody Stop Me
  11. Cock Rocket
  12. Red Lotmer and Shit
  13. It's Been a Good Show, All
  14. My Thoughts on Azumanga Daioh in a Nutshell

November 15, 2009 - January 13, 2010 (Other poops)

  2. Chuck D Head is Oblivious to the Furious Stabbing Wank
  3. Kate Bush's Rape Rave
  5. I'm leeling certain srrs on perps
  6. I shit on everything

February 25, 2010 - March 1, 2010 (comicstripdude reuploads)

  1. Azumanga Daiohfuckit - (Content ID-blocked globally)
  2. Chiyo-chan is Not Good at Cock
  3. ASilentButDeadlySkeptic
  4. Chiyo the Headbanger - (Content ID-blocked globally)
  5. Kimura Sweet Kimura - (Content ID-blocked globally)
  7. Insert Portal Reference Here
  8. My Horse is Okay
  9. Robotnik's Stuck in Fuckin' Chickentown
  11. Salmonellario Land (Super Mario Land collab)
  12. Pokemon Collab entry
  13. No-Satisfaction Promotions (Bikeman48837 collab entry)
  14. Robotnik Would Like to Play a (Statue) Game
  15. Shooting Cats
  16. Robotnik Makes Some Suggestions
  17. Mike's Gutter Bitch
  18. Crazy Cannon
  19. Coughlan666 Prefers the Zelda Series

March 18, 2010 - December 1, 2010 (Tennis and Retirement)

  2. YTP Tennis - Nigel Takes a Vacation in Andy's Mouth Instead - Round 2 with CrazyPillX
  3. Pleasant British Fellow in a Box
  4. YTP Tennis - Nigel Plugs the Volcano with His Head - Round 4 with CrazyPillX
  5. Tory Catenna Mocks the Weak
  6. YTP Tennis Finale - Nigel Ends His Vacation By Being Crucified in Flames - Round 6 with CrazyPillX

February 23, 2016 - May 14, 2016 (Brief unretirement)

  1. Azumanga DaiohmygodwhathaveIdone - Re-poop of "Azumanga Daiohfuckit"
  2. Spoiled Veggie Burgers - NewTube Poop of JigglyJacob
  3. If It Isn't Red, It Isn't Real - VHS Collab entry
  4. You'll Never Do a Bad Bad Thing Like '90s People - '90s Collab 2 entry
  5. I Just Want to Fuck Everything - 5 Seconds Collab entry
  6. How Angry is God - Monty Python and the Holy Grail Collab entry
  7. Ready Me Butter - 3.14 Seconds Collab entry
  8. Sata Andagerogerigegege - Anime Collab 3 entry and re-poop of "Chiyo the Headbanger" and "Kimura Sweet Kimura"
  9. This is How I Spent My Time Before I Started Wearing Dresses - David Bowie Collab entry and datamoshing/pure noise experiment
  10. YTP Tennis - Robotnik Burns Up in the Radiation of Space - Round 1 with DTN7758
  11. I Don't Owe You Shit - Entry for his own Monster Rancher collab that never happened
  12. YTP Tennis - Robotnik Burns with Passion - Round 3 with DTN7758
  13. I Probably Hate You - Shorty of a clip from Agent Carter

December 29, 2016 - Present

  1. Somebody YouTube Pooped in the Pool - Star Vs. the Forces of Evil
  2. Star Vs the Forces of Tomco - Star Vs. Megapoop
  3. Kosher Salt is Made to Stick to Food and Pull Out Moisture - Random Tumblr video by InfernalPume
  4. You're Not Worth It - Dexter's Laboratory Collab entry
  5. Foo Bring the Fighters - Joke-A-Thon Multiway Tennis round 4
  6. Yo Quiero Police Brutality - Entry for RyanYTP's 3rd 90's Collab, Music category
  7. Marco Goes to Taco Bell - Round 1 of a three-way Star Vs. tennis with NitroEdits and GSgiraffes
  8. Janna Banana Goes to the Farmer's Market - Tennis round 4
  9. Star Gives Up on Maintaining a Title Theme - Tennis round 7
  10. Star V Superman - Entry for NitroEdits' Disney Cartoon collab, with some additions and alterations
  11. This Video is Legal Tender - Entry for HomerAllTheWay's Random Year collab, 1989
  12. Happy Motherfucker's Day - Star Vs. the Forces of Evil
  13. In Therapy for Radiation Abuse - Entry for KnorruptionSound's Wikimedia Commons collab
  14. Stop Flinging My Dog Around - Entry for Paperking99's Random Letter Collab 2, letter W
  15. Unusual Digestive Ability - Entry for NitroEdits' Reality Show Collab, using Kitchen Nightmares
  16. Ding Dong Marry Me I'm High - Entry for Joosh's 4th Anime Collab; originally meant for Girla Purpleheart's Magical Girls Collab before it was cancelled
  17. So Round So Firm So Fully Packed - Entry for Mackenzie's Disney Channel collab, using DuckTales (2017)
  18. A Bit of Cry and Sorry - Entry for NKpower's British Comedy collab, using The Young Ones, Bang Bang It's Reeves and Mortimer, and A Bit of Fry and Laurie
  19. Decennial Isn't Just a River in Afuckit - 10th YTP anniversary special incorporating sources from all over his ten years, including his Sgt Frog Abridged and Jetters Abridged series
  20. Bummed to Death - Entry for ThirtyTwelve's Fourth Simplicity Collab
  21. Brit Pat (AKA: Star Force) - Entry 1 for GangStarRunner's Removal Collab
  22. Schit - Entry 2 for GangStarRunner's Removal Collab
  23. Ma Cake - Entry 3 for GangStarRunner's Removal Collab
  24. You Carbonize and Then Shit on My Dreams - Entry for NitroEdits' Rock/Rap Collab 2
  25. YouChewed Too Much Poop - Short poop commemorating the original closing of YouChew in 2018
  26. Alfur, Until the Break of Dawn - Hilda

Videos by Others

  1. What got Scared? (Unknown creator)
  2. IR MOLESTED MEME (By Pilli10)

Other Information


  • Thorn was only in one of each during his 2008-2010 run: a tennis game (with CrazyPillX that lasted 6 rounds), a soccer game (multi-way led by Pilli10, never continued past his match), a loop collab (HoZKiNZPooP's Super Mario Land collab), and a contest collab (Bikeman48837's collab of his brother; Thorn was the only entrant). He submitted an entry for a Pokemon loop collab led by HenoTalkie, but it never came to fruition. He's done more tennis and collab entries since returning in 2016.


Original Influences

Newer Influences