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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief

TorNis7's alt account. 18/09/09 TorNis7 returned from being suspended from Youtube.

A Newcomer, with excellent Sentence Mixing and YTPMV skills.

{{#ev:youtube|ZHl3PhR3gI4|320}}TorNisYTP's first YouTube Poop(reupload)


I can't describe myself to that yet.

Is known for

  • Dunno yet.

My videos

Below is a complete list of my all YTP related videos.

Solo Poops

Name Date Uploaded Length
Aang learns a new way to trigger his glowing tattoos 27-07-09 4:44
I.M.Vampire 11-08-09 1:07


Name Date Uploaded Length
Sokka on cactus juice 31-07-09 0:37
Death Meen Zone 31-07-09 0:34


Name Date Uploaded Length
Morshu proves, that he is a fat ass bastard 28-07-09 0:45


Name Date Uploaded Length
PUT THE BOOK DOWN!!!! PART 14: I.M.Meen is giving an interview 30-07-09 0:43
I.M.Meen makes his move while Link failed to escape from his crime 24-08-09 0:58


  • "Aang learns a new way to trigger his glowing tattoos": Monthly Poop #7 - 29/07/09
  • 100 subs - 01/08/09
  • 200 subs - 12/0809
  • "I.M.Vampire": Weekly Poop - 12/08/09
  • 300 subs - 21/08/09

More info coming soon