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Traps are evil things put into this world to piss us the fuck off, like bear traps. Leon S. Kennedy fucking hates those fucking things.

"It's a trap!"

Types of Traps

A hideous Fat Mario perv trap
  • The Pervert Trap - when head-hunting for pervs, hunters usually set up annoying, hideous Fat Mario traps, known as pervert traps. Bridget from the Guilty Gear series is an excellent example of a trap.
  • Gay Luigi Trap - a trap set up by Gay Luigi to rape single guys.
  • Bear Traps - These piss Leon off, but they make you invincible.
  • PENIS Traps - They bite your dick off. Chad Warden possesses many of these traps.
  • Mouse Traps - One of the GREATEST board games of all time.
  • Bagel Traps - Only Mama Luigi knows what these are for.
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Gay Luigi- Hawt or Not?
  • The Soulja Boy Trap - This trap always involves the lame rapper Soulja Boy. Typically, it usually starts off with the irritating "Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)" Music Video. After a few-ten seconds, the content will change into even better AIDS-y stuff, so I guess these traps are o.k., I guess.
  • The Trap Video - A trap that is in the form of a video. It has a preview image and title that says what kind of video it is, but in reality, it is nothing like the title or preview image. It is often used on Family Guy.
  • Trap 2.0 - Slightly more intelligent and thoughtful than a regular trap video. A thumbnail promises something. The title promises the same thing. You watch the video, and it's looking good. Then it cuts off at the end or the video abruptly changes, failing to live up to your expectations, and you scream at the monitor. Here's an example.
  • The Screamer - A trap that most people call to be the lowest form of traps ever conceived. A screamer is when a scary face appears unexpectedly and makes a very loud scream or roar. It's purpose is to do nothing but shock you (That, and maybe shit your pants.).
  • The Rick Roll - Declared by many others to be the lowest form of a trap video ever seen. To do the Rick Roll, you need to say an amazing, yet bullshitty lie to get them to see it. The Rick Roll is nothing more than a music video of a Rick Astley song called "Never Gonna Give You Up" (Not to be confused by the Barry White song by the same name).

People Who Like Traps

People Who Hate Traps