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ArsenioGut (talk) 21:39, 19 January 2020 (EST): Out of a desire to canonize the best and worst of this subculture and associated community, I took the liberty of helping clean up this resurrected homunculus of a website that Mr. Dopply et al.—bless his country-boy heart—decided should be given a second wind. Listen; cementing events, people, and places into history is not only a genuinely valuable psychosocial paradigm, it's also fundamentally human: we desire permanence in an inherently impermanent world. Some things, however, are better left forgotten. Chewiki is exemplary of a dustbin that's been kicked around too much, all the come-filled socks spilling out, impregnating the floor with decades-old jizz married into the marble, an immemorial stain reminiscent of the throes of arrested development and adolescent angst. Ergo, concordantly, vis-à-vis, this site doesn't need to exist, and I won't contribute to its existence. I will leave it to the awfully talented and delightful new generation of sysops, like Ms. Dew and Mr. AwesomeGuy117, to do what they see fit with this steaming mess of a wiki. This shit won't clean itself; although I'm not entirely sure if it can be cleaned at all. This shit, like its subject matter, is a joke thoroughly beaten to death.

ArsenioGut (talk) 22:25, 1 February 2020 (EST): Fuck, I have a problem. I'm scrambling the password to this account. This is my final edit.