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User:Crazy Luigi/Funny YouTube Captions Gallery

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For those who are wondering why I created this page, I seriously love the nonsensical captions that YouTube did. And even though I know it's a beta, I would seriously like it if YouTube never changed their captioning things. With that said, these are the YouTube captions that I think are some of the funniest I've seen around.

By the way, some of these captions are originally found from the YouChewPoop Forums involving inaccurate transcribed YouTube captions, so if I thought they were funny enough to be here...well, good job to you guys. Otherwise, the rest most likely was founded by me on random types of videos on YouTube.

Well, start the Gallery already!

There's not much now Actually there's a lot of pictures here now, but I'll still try to add a little bit more by the different weeks that come about.