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User.jpg  This article is about KingKoopa64, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
KingKoopa64's Advice for Newcomers for the Chewiki:

  • Don't create articles just to show your political opinion. You'll just look like a fool, and regret it later.
    • It will also give you a very bad reputation.
      • And lastly, it is a violation of the politician article guidelines, as seen here.
  • Don't insult the other editors, they're only human and are most likely trying their best.
  • If a sysop gives you advice, follow it. They're just trying to help you.
  • Don't overuse jokes, it's unoriginal and unfunny.

Pooper page: I have none.

Just your average Joe who stumbled upon YouTube Poop back in 2008 while searching the internet for funny and entertaining videos. He discovered the Chewiki in early 2009 and started editing there in April of that year.

Articles That I Made





Articles that I rewrote from scratch

Made Major Additions To

Plans To Create Articles For

Templates Made

(PES1nf0 did make some major edits to it, though.)

Categories Made


  • Was a dumbass when he started editing here.
    • He has changed his ways, however.