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SirSmeargle is an Australian YouTube Pooper who has first released his YouTube Poop video as early as 2007, and remained inactive until August 2010, when he released his first official YouTube Poop 'How Eddy lost respect'. On Chewiki and YouChewPoop, he is known as LordSmeargle. As of September 2011, SirSmeargle has been pooping. His choice of avatar is Rika Furude from Higurashi - When They Cry.


SirSmeargle released his first video in 2007, which was actually a sprite video. His second video is entitled MALICE ME WITH A SHOEHORN?!, which still remains on YouTube today. After his third video released in March 2008, he disappeared from uploading videos for almost three years until he released his first YouTube Poop on August 23, 2010 entitled How Eddy lost Respect.

The Worst YouTube Poops of September 2010

SirSmeargle released a now obscure YouTube Poop entitled YouTube Poop: Your Majesty, which landed on TheWorstYTPs Top 10 Worst YouTube Poops of September 2010. Ironically, SirSmeargle was oblivious about his video appearing; as it turns out, he considers it to be his worst YouTube Poop as of today, and remains so. TheWorstYTPs used some of the footage for his video How Not to YouTube Poop. SirSmeargle has somewhat lost his YouTube Poop, but is happy to see it go.

Contest Appearances

SirSmeargle seems to like competing; he appeared in both of BenderPictures' Poop Standoff competitions; he has lasted only in Round 1 in PS1, however he lasted up till Round 4 and still standing in PS2. Ironically, in Poop Standoff 2, he has beaten previous Poop Standoff veterans that beat him (Youthboy14, atheshit (Poop Club Finalist), TaleOfNobody (Poop Standoff finalist), and TrueTubePoops (Poop Standoff semifinalist).He has also appeared in Joethebluedragon's AIDS Tourney, NickAllowBros' Poop F4ctor (Semi-Finalist), and in SuperSaiyan7171's YTP Contest, and Jario943's YouTubePoop CONTEST. He is the creator and Judge of Poop Club with Joethebluedragon and CaptainStringCheese judging alongside him. The winner of the first Poop Club was CorruptedMotives, he has since been the judge of Poop Club II - The Smell of Faeces.