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The YTPedia serves as the official encyclopedia for YouTube Poop, . A messed up mix of useful info and links and a place to write about yourself.

Featured Article

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Dr. Ivo Julian Robotnik is a highly popular Youtube Poop character and the arch-nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog.

He is not to be confused with Dr. Eggman, his evil twin brother from the new-gen Sonic games who resembles Robo Bonanza more than anything.

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YouTube Poop Updates

YTPedia is composed of five major areas:

Some pages are bigger than others. This section is a place to learn the tastes, interests and achievements of your fellow poopers. The main index lists everyone that is anyone or no one, and if you think you should be in there then feel free to add page for yourself.

Over the years, many recurring characters have appeared in poops, many of them having their own articles in this wiki. However, there are quite a few characters that go without an article. You can help by creating an article for them.

This section is for the fact finders and for our inner geek. Much of its content is borrowed from other websites and wikis and it's there to help you find which characters come from which show and more importantly where you can find a poopable source. Next time you're looking for something make sure you look here first; and if you find a source please help others by sharing it here.
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New to the Chewiki? Want to make an article? Need help with some basic or advanced formatting? This would be a great place to start off then. Please read this section thoroughly to get an understanding of what we do and do not appreciate.
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Random Pages
Pointless things, stupid things, clever things and moments of well hidden brilliance... This section is what the Random Button is for. Discover pages left untouched, and pages you didn't know existed here.