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**This is your user page. There are many like it, but this one is yours. Use it as you wish, within the rules of Chewiki. Use it to practice writing, formatting, and even experimenting if you wish.**

User.jpg  This article is about TheDailyOI!, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.


TheDailyOI! is a user on the Chewiki from California, that is interested in YouTube Poop, but finds it difficult, though he still ambitiously desires to be a pooper himself.


My name is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and I have been on Chewiki for quite a long bit but I haven't used it so often, maybe I should lay off the FA and e621 stuff. Even though I'm a part of the fandom but I don't seem to be an extremist about it; even at times like this I should keep myself together. By the way, I never made a poop in my life but I still want to. All I need to do is to practice and believe that someday that I can get a better computer/laptop to start working. Many poopers inspired my hopes of fine art and amazing performance values that may help me on the way. But I just hope to Lord that me and in every pooper we trust lives another day. TheDailyOI! (talk) 23:40, 27 June 2014 (PDT)TheDailyOI!


This website still updates? Hah!.

First Poop Seen

  • One of Waxination's poops (unknown)


  • Is interested to be making articles in the the wonderful world of Chewiki.
  • Is now good with photoshop.
  • Love pizza
  • is painfully editing this page
  • With a relationship with myself, i'm the evilist man out there.
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A more recent work of mine, do you like it? No? THEN DIIIIIIE