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User.jpg  This article is about YouMustDie, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
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One of the common things I say.

Yes, It is I, the user known as YouMustDie. I am not obviously not a pooper, but editors are very important to YTP universe.


No, I am not a experienced editor, but I have general tips in certain situations.

  • When creating alternate egos or forms, you have to be really precise, or your created page will get a merge tag.
  • Don't insult the admins of this website.
  • Don't do drugs.
  • Be nice.

Other websites

Other websites I have an account on:

  • The Youtube Poop Wiki - Bowser'sSourpussBread
  • DeviantART - kingofdreams12 (Actually not me, but a friend I know in real life, and may be one of the most hated users on deviantART.)

That's a short list. Guess me and my friends are not that much active.

Pages I Created

Successful Pages

My successful pages, in no particular order.

Unsuccessful Pages
  • Spingebill (Merged with SpongeBob)
  • Dark Star (Not needed/Deletion tagged)
  • Mad Mad Mario (Deleted)

Templates made by ME.

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This article contains material that is racist, homophobic or downright bigoted. Keep it limited.

This is for articles that contain bigoted material (usually in the wrong way), but edits are possible. In other words, a warning sign and placeholder until the bigotry is removed.

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All editing of this article is disabled for the following reasons: (This is just a test). Please discuss the matter.

Something to let editors know that editing the article has been disabled.

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This article/image contains content that break the PG-13 rule. Shield your eyes, lad!

This is for images and articles that contain porn or fetish images. It may be by accident... Or on purpose. This is a placeholder and a warning sign until the conflict is solved.

Reasons for my absences

Back in March, I made a fuckload of articles. The first were okay, but then they started losing humor and quality. I decided not to rush anything and wait until my ideas come to me.

I am very interested in character articles. So please see me about the matter.