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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.
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 This user has been banned from the YouChew forums for abuse to forum members, alt account creation, and creating an image chain.
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An individual commonly associated with WhollyRufus

An interesting thing about WhollyRufus is that his origin is almost entirely unknown. At first he was humble, and made mediocre poops, But as his career progressed he began to somewhat improve, creating a video he is proud of; I'm going to ask zelda to marry me! However, that wasn't it for him. In his anger over the displays of unrighteousness expressed on Youtube, he created 300 christians vs. atheists?, a parody of the popular movie 300 which Rufus used to express his point of view. And unsurprisingly, it is his most discussed video to date. It was around this time that he joined YouChewPoop, as he wished to gain more recognition by being part of the community.

Wholly had something big planned, and that something was going to put him on the map... That something was the Civil War of Youtube Poop, which made him much more known. However, it was stolen by 00b00bthehedgehogALT, a YTP stealer. Eventually, he worked on a Part 2 to the Civil War, and it was bet with somewhat better ratings than the former part. After a long hiatus, he eventually released a Part 3, which wasn't met with the same acclaim as the previous entries in this series. A fourth entry was expected, but was never released.

The Forums

When he starting going on the YouChewPoop forums, he met with criticism from some of the other people of the website, among them RabbitSnore. He was defended by Conradslater, which inspired WhollyRufus to enter the Perfect Poop contest, and his entry was nominated for 'Best YouChewPoop YTP' by YTPoopAwards.

However, the other members continued to criticize him, with Misselaineous10 even going as far as temporarily changing his username to "Dumbass". Clearly not taking well to his critics, he was eventually banned mainly for "Abuse to Forum Members." However, WhollyRufus may still monitor the activity of the forum to this day; and despite the fact that both parties did not get along well, he still seems to like some of the staff members; such as RabbitSnore and TINS. Additionally, his banning has also seemed to give him more publicity for a time. He has not been active on youtube for several years.

WhollyRufus also works on a series called "YouChewPoop," a dramatic retelling of the forum's colorful history with the first two seasons taking place in the old forum, which is not meant to be taken seriously.


First poop made

Possibly YTP:illegal activties in CD-i Hyrule and the culdusac part 1

{{#ev:youtube|5FOgXhfKKc4|320}}Part one of one of his early Youtube Poops, Illegal Activities in CD-I - Hyrule and the Cul-de-sac.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Prefered Tech


  • Chrisitan values, with some being considered outdated such as the notions of being anti-gay.
  • T.V. shows where the main character can morph into inhuman things
  • Youtube Pooping


  • Homosexuality
  • Persecution against Christianity
  • Opinions that go against his belief system.


  • Many of his Youtube subscribers.
  • PSE1nf0
  • TheSfarioBros

Disliked By

{{#ev:youtube|RAdylpfisHs|320}}One of his popular poops: The Civil War of YouTube Poop


WhollyRufus has received quite a bit of attention, and his videos have been met with mostly positive ratings. However, he is also very strongly disliked by some other members by the YouChewPoop community. In fact; he is one of the most controversial people on the YouChewPoop forums, with people going as far to making a WhollyRufus quote thread and making casual remarks insulting him. In fact, just search 'WhollyRufus' using the search option of the forums for proof. Despite this, he still has some followers that oppose his banning from the YouChewPoop forums.


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Demoman noticing Whollyrufus' quirks.
  • Due to his fundamentalist Christian believes he seemingly persecuted people who's views were not viewed to be correct by his perspective.
  • By being too strong about his opinions he pushing people father away from his teachings.
  • Had a tendency to be provocative to the community at large.
  • His strong promotion of his latest videos could annoy others.
  • Injects his political opinions into his poops.
  • Tends to be prideful, which made him very defensive when criticism arose.
  • Is perceived as annoying to the point of being viewed as an ass by many of the YouChewPoop members.


  • Tried to destroy anime in the western world, but the majority of people did not see things the way he did.
  • Addressed the religious affiliation of many poop characters.
  • He rarely swears.
  • Was said to have the largest ego in the state of Texas. This may have been edged out by Ted Cruz.