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The name of this YouTube Pooper is william_, however the underscore character has been omitted from the article title due to incompatibility with MediaWiki.

NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief

william_ is a YouTube Pooper that makes detailed, effects-heavy poops with clean editing, visual-based humour, and a cinematic feel.


william_ came into contact with YTP periodically ever since he started his YouTube channel in 2010 to post his shitty animations. He first came across YTP while browsing asdfmovie videos and seeing a lot of WMM poops of it. Later on, he discovered popular SpongeBob poopers such as Fawful and MoBrosStudios and, knowing now that YTP could actually be good, he became an avid fan.

Eventually he got so into YTP that he decided to make his own poops. So he downloaded Sony Vegas and an episode of SpongeBob and got cracking. He also converted his YouTube account from a shitty animation channel into a YTP channel.

Extensive commentary on all of william_'s videos can be found on his personal site here.

First poop seen

Some really bad asdfmovie YTP that he can't find anymore. (Probably for the best.)

First poop made

Attack of the Flying Futchman (actual first poop, unreleased due to copyright issues)
The Inbetweenies Are Accosted By a Fish-Like Substance (first video actually uploaded to YouTube)


william_ does not have a set style that he uses for his videos - instead, he makes an effort to use different techniques for almost every video. He's tried out pretty much every major poopism out there at least once. Nevertheless, he always uses lots of masking, weird effects, and clean, seamless editing in his videos. He also places large importance on pacing, making sure there is not a wasted moment throughout the video.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Software

william_ uses Sony Vegas 13 with BCC, Sapphire, and NewBlueFX plugins. He also (very rarely) uses After Effects with Red Giant plugins, mostly for making alt account video experiments. Recently, he has taken to using Blender for creating 3D assets and for achieving advanced effects.


  • YTPs that greatly alter the source material, creating new scenes and even plotlines
  • Also YTPs that don't. They're cool too. He likes all YTPs to be honest
  • Various cartoons and animes
  • Music: LOTS. Here's his RYM.
  • Pizza, pasta, and other savory delectables of Italian persuasion
  • High-quality animations


  • People saying YTP is dead (it isn't)
  • YTP drama (seriously guys it's just poop why d'ya gotta make it so COMPLICATED)


william_ has received very positive reception for the most part, with people mostly praising his editing skills, pacing, and humor. Among his subscribers are well-known poopers such as Awful Fawful, DinnerWarrior and EmperorLemon.


  • Doesn't really use sentence-mixing as often as he would like to (though he wishes to change this in future with his CD-i poops)
  • His early poops consisted mostly of just him spamming effects, making little effort to include jokes. He has improved upon this since then, though.
  • His upload rate has slowed to a crawl as his videos and/or real life have increased in complexity.


  • Made Emperorlemon's list of Top 25 YTPs of 2015
  • Has 3000+ subscribers and counting
  • Most popular video (Squidwarp's Time Travelling Adventure) has over 80,000 views




  • All of his YTPs released prior to May 2016 were made using a really terrible laptop from 2007. He has since upgraded to a newer laptop.
  • He also produces an experimental plush-toy webseries, Bikini Bottom Adventures.

Poop Listing

Poop Listing
No. Title Date Notes
1 The Inbetweenies Are Accosted By a Fish-Like Substance August 31, 2014 First YTP uploaded to YouTube (not the first made, though).
2 Krabby McSweatPants Saw It First September 7, 2014 First SpongeBob YTP uploaded. Short and simple.
3 ɗσ ησт cσƖƖєcт ②⓪⓪ ɗσƖƖαяѕ September 16, 2014 Continues where the last one left off.
4 ytp filler: question of the century September 20, 2014 First entry in the 'ytp filler' miniseries (where random sources are used).
5 Spazzward and the Eternal Night Shift October 3, 2014 First major YTP (>2 mins.) made, and his first YTP to get over 1,000 views.
6 ytp intermission: coffee break October 11, 2014 The scene where Harold says 'BAD' has become a running gag in future videos.
7 The Fantabulastical Adventures of SpongeKnob October 30, 2014 To this date, the longest YTP in william_'s oeuvre (at 4:30). One scene caused the original upload to be taken down; it has since been reuploaded
as a deleted scene.
8 William's Birthday Dance Party November 15, 2014 Uploaded on william_'s birthday. Contains characters from previous william_ poops dancing to a song.
9 EssayBob Attempts To Write On A Sandwich December 5, 2014 Still william's personal favourite 2014 poop of his - it was the first to truly embrace visual and audio humor styles along with typical effects-spamming.
10 Squiddums McFancysus is a BUH-BUH-BUH December 13, 2014 Temporarily switched to Vegas 7 to make this poop. Currently blocked everywhere except for Canada.
11 OSAKA KICKS HER SHOE INTO OUTER SPACE December 20, 2014 An attempt at making a more cinematic style of poop.
12 ytp interlude: that dance was SO REAL December 30, 2014 william_ used a randomly-generated YouTube video he found as a source. The results were susprisingly good.
13 Professor Spergward Draws A Pentagram Silently January 17, 2015 Entry to the No Sound Collab - this was made entirely with the audio muted on the computer's speakers.
14 Mrs. Puff Hears A Meme And Collapses Into A Black Hole February 17, 2015 Entry to EmperorLemon's SpingeBill Collection 2 collab.
15 Squidwarp's Time-Travelling Adventure May 2, 2015 william_'s most popular video by far, at 27,000 views. This video, along with the previous one, was his big mainstream break - his subscriber count doubled almost overnight.
16 Bob the Sponge's Treehouse Social Parlour of Doom June 22, 2015 An old abandoned YTP, eventually finished as an entry to the SpingeBill Send-Off Collab.
17 What I Did On My Holidays August 8, 2015 A compilation of mini-YTPs that were made during the summer of 2015.
18 The King Visits Morshu's Restaurant October 5, 2015 First CD-i poop, made mostly as an exercise in plotting and sentence-mixing.
19 Karen Blows Up Everything October 22, 2015 Made as an entry to the Kiniro Mosaic collab, but missed the deadline. Later included in EmperorLemon's Top 25 Poops of 2015.
20 Gwonam Has Left in the Night January 30, 2016 Another CD-i poop. Experimented with animation techniques.
21 Shinji Transmigrates Ungulaterally March 23, 2016 Originally a liveblog-style poop started in November, but finally finished four months later.
22 ytp interval - sculptorius mcgee plays jazz March 28, 2016 A short YTP made in a matter of hours at the house of william_'s grandparents.
23 Squidwarp Completes the Ritual November 29, 2016 Made over a period of eight months, as part of a collaboration with fellow YTPer Savi. Experiments with a far more cinematic style, using 3d sets and other high-quality effects in AE.
24 MIKE PLAYS BRETT OF THE DONUT March 17, 2017 Made over a period of one hour. A quick Mike & Brett throwback featuring too many Firesign Theatre references.
25 Robotnik Has a New Computer August 29, 2017 A mainly classic-style Robotnik poop, experimenting with using original animation.
26 AZUMANGA ADVENTURES Ep. 0: INTRO June 9, 2018 The wild and wacky intro to a wild and wacky Azumanga Daioh YTP series.
27 What I Did on My Holidays 2 (EXAM HELL EDITION) February 15, 2019 Another compilation of mini-poops made during an exam year.
28 AZUMANGA ADVENTURES Ep. 1: ATTACK OF THE FAKERS TBA The Azumanga Daioh is raided by murderous imposters! Can the girls save the world?


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