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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.



In early 2007, YamiMario opened his Youtube account, and uploaded his first video, a recording of New Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo DS, and it was shit, pretty much. A few months later, he made his first Youtube Poop, 'The princess is now dinner' (it has been removed since), but other early attempts on Youtube Poop remains on his channel. He made his breakthrough in early 2008, with the Youtube Poop, 'Donald gets a Wii', which is his most viewed video, which, has of the time of writing, over 24000 views. In 2010, YamiMario also began making small fandubs, for his own amusement.


YamiMario is generally a pretty optimistic guy, with several generic teenager traits. He is known for being a big Yu-Gi-Oh! fanboy, being a worshiper of the three main anime series (and possibly the fourth one coming), but is very open to other people's opinions about the franchise, and everything else for that matter.


YamiMario is often depicted as a pink blob, with long stiff black hair, a white shirt, and without any legs, making his large red feet disconnected from his body. He's often (well by himself anyways) compared to Rayman and Yoshi. He has also been seen as a Gargomon at times.

YamiMario's personal bodyguard Gargomon

In real life, YamiMario is a ginger.