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Hi! Hello! I am a Cafe staff member here. Feel free to contact me if you need a collab or tennis thread moved or otherwise need assistance in the YTP sections. 
I'm also a Chewiki Administrator so if you have questions about the wiki, feel free to PM me or reply to the Chewiki Discussion thread.
My Chewiki page is here if you would like to know more about me. (which hasn't been updated by me since 2015 I think.)
If you need to contact me, the best way to do it is by sending me a personal message here.

Also my tennis roster

My Switch friend code: SW-1638-4871-1209

Bad opinions and boring reposts are here ->

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followed by bill o'reilly who read from the koran

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December 2011 - Brain rape/Rape-core

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Chewbot gives congrats for being strike free for over 1 year

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10 Collab Entries of Exquisite Excrement

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Participating in Chew-Or-Treat 2013

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For your contribution to YouChew's favorite Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episodes.

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tennis award

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Thanks for the donation

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For updating DPY's article on Chewiki.

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Most Helpful Member 2014, Most Helpful Member 2015, Favorite Staff Member 2015

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Great job serving on the staff! ("predictable" "promotion" joke)

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For taking third place in the 2014 Spooky Poop Contest. Congratulations!

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10 Matches Completed [Good Job!]

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Participating in the Halloween costume event for 5 years