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once upond a time the joker fall madly in luv with batman and started 2 follo him everywher. one day batman herd

sumthin bhind him and tturn around

"omg who r u?" he asked and his eyes git real big liek this O_o lol

"im joker your batman rite?"

"yeh im batman" batman say and his nipples got rly hard

the joker was just so butiful...he was such a cool guy, y did batman ever hate him? he waz jsut so...cute.

"i thot so." the joker sed smiling and psuhed batman againstt a wall and tuched his penis.

batman moaned and arched his back."oh tthe joker" he said

the joker was smiling and wonderd y batman looked so srs. it made him angry and want to kill evrything lol

but the joker wuz a godo guy so he didnt kill him and he loved him anyways so he wanted to have him so he had this rly hard cock and he was sick of pllaying around so he pulled his clothes offf and bruces too and then started kissing him

the batman moaned agen and pushed up against the jokers big nippls

the joker took his penis out and shuved it in the batman and moaned "dus that hurt im sorry"

"no" batman smiled psuhing in closer and moaning more louder "im always prepared"

the joker like the sound of that and came all over da place and culdnt find the luv of his life caz he was so deep in semen lol

so he looked thru the jizz for a few months tryin 2 locat the the time he find him he wuz ded ):

deh batman wuz so sore and feelign rly srs after deh joker tuched him innepropritly and lyke omg sumbody actuly SEEN IT ALL HAPPNS!1

so then they bith decide 2 git dress without no dat sumbody has seen deh hole thing. after all dey had 2 keep tit a secrit bcaz lyke thety were enimies and stuff

so as deh joker pulld his hard cok out and step away from the batman the batman wunder if mayeb sumbody is watvhugn so he hit the joker hard across the face

"y so srs?" the joker asked and he was alying on the grownd cryin...why did did happen?

after a few second pass and nobody cries out "omg it batman!" he realiz thye're all good and decide to tell the joker "im sorry bby but i thot maybe sum1 were watchign us"

the joker wuz blushig and his shirt falled off his thin delicate light shoulder

"sum1 is watching u"

omg...whoever dat was...dey sounded so srs and batman and joker turned to look who it was...or WAT it wuz

"two faced" batman sed and sounded srs

two faced was ttly jelus caz the joker wuz soo sexxy and the batman was the luv of his life 2!

"i saw u 2...2gether" he sed and they eyes got real big like dis agen O_o

"omg the jjoker wat r we ganna do" te batman cried but two face cum up and grabbed him by the crotch and squeeze real hard lol his balls almost xploded

"omg dun hurt him!1" the joker demanded tryin 2 defend his luvr and hit deh two faced in...1 of his faces lol and it hurted his uke hand

"fuck you" batman said 1c he culd finly speak agen

"yes plz" the two faced sed as he took his hard throbbing cock out. it was so juicy and long and thick and had a vien in it and the batman wundered if it wuz rly a horse cock cuz it was lyke thirteen inches

"dont hurt me" he sed an he was cryin be cuntinud...





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