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Runner Up

Given on by tabull

November 2014 - Sentence mix-core

Poop Upstart

Given on by tabull

Chewbot gives congrats for uploading 5 videos

Rabble Rouser

Given on by theFXexpert

For the Sonic Boom Collab

Strike None

Given on by tabull

For staying strike free for 1 year.

Poop Junior

Given on by tabull

Submitting 25 videos to the Video System

Avid Collaborator

Given on by Whelt

Riot Inciter

Given on by DaftPunkYoshi

The Joshscorcher YTP Collab

Poop of the Month

Given on by tabull

Top 10 Videos of May 2016 (Brain rape/Rape-core)


Given on by Metroid998

For The Experimental Collab.

Poop Veteran

Given on by Whelt

Submitting 50 videos to the Video System

It Looks Like a Clarinet

Given on by ravinrabbid123

For participating in the Youtube Poop Secret Santa event of 2016

The Poop Scoop

Given on by Biodegradable

For being a part of the Recommended Poops of September & December 2016

I Heart You

Given on by Joosh


Guess Who Likes You

Given on by Joosh

For receiving candy during the Valentines Day event!

Tennis Athlete

Given on by LaVie CestLol

Congratulations on completing 5 Tennis Matches! Now go do some more.


Given on by Joosh

Strike None Home Run

Given on by Chewbot

For staying strike free for 3 years.

Game Winner

Given on by Joosh

For taking 1st in the Draw Your Favorite YTP Character contest!