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Hello, you can call me Change T or T Pony, the mascot of T Videshow. On it I make a bunch of YouTube Poop Videos, I got some musics I enjoy, I make drawing arts and uploaded on Google +, Facebook and DevianArt. Find T Videshow on Facebook, YouTube and Google +.

The Word Videshow basically made by two words Video & Show and mash up together into a random made up word 'Videshow' so thats why i call it T Videshow.


Check Out My YouTube Channel For Some Random YouTube Poop Videos



Poop Upstart

Given on by tabull

Submitting 5 videos to the Video System

Runner Up

Given on by tabull

Top 10 Videos of Mar 2016

Knave of Tiles

Given on by tabull

For collecting all the bronze cards

Poop Junior

Given on by tabull

Submitting 25 videos to the Video System

Strike None

Given on by Whelt

For staying strike free for 1 year.

Poop Veteran

Given on by Chewbot

Submitting 50 videos to the Video System

Hollow Dr. Rabbit!

Given on by HotFriedSkadoosh

They stick to your teeth and make PLAQUE MONSTERS grow!