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About Me

I'm 16, and this is probably the 127,234,567th time I've update my YouChew bio.



What I Use and Who Inspired Me:

Programs: Sony Vegas 14

Plugins: BCC, Hitfilm Ignite, Sapphire, Vocoder

(That's pretty much what I have to work with...)

Inspirations: Cartoonlover98, CaveManEngi (first person I subbed to), Sinnedtragedy98, EmperorLemon, Trudermark, Awful Fawful, Paperking99, partially CaptainOhYeah (These guys are the main inspirations, the roots of my decision. I do have others, but they are more of motivators to remind that I can do good).

FAQ or QNA thing:

How did you get hooked on YTP's?

I was randomly scrolling through YouTube in 2011 when this video titled "Youtube Poop: SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK SELL POOP" by PissMyselfLaffing was in the recommendation section, I was laughing my ass off and I thought nothing would top the videos I watched. Down the road, I found a person named CaveManEngi. CaveManEngi was the first YTPer I subscribed to back then when "meme replacement" poops were popular. He usually did pretty smooth meme replacements of Regular Show. I found them fucking hilarious, until he quit in late 2012. While I was only subbed to this dood, I was slowly getting hooked as more YTP's got recommended to me. Some examples include: "Pride Patties" from CaptainOhYeah, the 6k and 8k specials from Trudermark, "Squidward Gets Possessed by a Bad Lemon" from MoBrosStudios, and so on. After he quit, YouTube recommended me, if I can recall correctly, a video by EmperorLemon and I loved it. I subbed to him along with Cartoonlover98 back in 2013, Sinnedtragedy and Trudermark back in 2014, and PaperKing99 and Awful Fawful in 2016 (why so late for Awful Fawful? I enjoyed his YTP's but never knew he made them. So when I found out he had a new channel, I just subbed).

When did you start YTP's?

My first YTP ever made was called "Riceman Kills His Mom" in March 5th, 2016. It's just some random effects in a video, not good when I look back on it.

How long does it take you to make a YTP?

However long it takes, really.

You've been a fan of YTP for 5 years? How come you didn't make your own until 2016?

For one, I didn't have necessary materials to make a YTP, not even a meme replacement YTP. All I had was Windows Movie Maker and nothing else. No sounds, no proper editing skills. At the time, I wanted to make it big as a gaming youtuber, but that never happened. Also, I had a really shitty Toshiba laptop, and it was extremely slow.

What got you into making YTP's?

Why did it take me forever to change this in my bio? No, it wasn't just because of the 2 shitty montage parodies I made (that are still up by the way), I just "accidentally" made them. I called them "projects", and it took me a while to actually call them just YTP's without the word "project" being in the title. I made those short little videos because I just liked fucking around in Vegas. I eventually came to the conclusion that making YTP's were pretty fun, and I have been making them for two years on-and-off (and by on-and-off, I mean on-and-off)

Why leave the gaming scene of YouTube?

Because I eventually came to the conclusion that I can't commentate good nor can I make good comedy on the spot. I actually quit YTP back in 2016 just to see if I could revamp the gaming aspect on my YouTube channel, but no, it did not happen. After 5 years and 3 major attempts at making gaming videos, I finally decided to pull the cord because, to put it simply, I'm just not that good. There are still gaming videos scattered around my channel though (most of them are private now. I went from almost 500 videos to less than 100 as of 4/5/2018). I left those ones up there because I still find some enjoyment in those. As for the others that aren't private, well that's just me being stupid haha.






"Life is full of SoS jokes" - The Average YouTube Pooper 

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