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Hi! My internet handle is Sparkella but you can call me Mimi. I draw gijinkas of childrens-show characters and I make YTP and stuff. You can find me nattering away on Discord. I speak very casually and try and be as mellow as possible; I like to get to know people. I have a full-time job, so alongside me being within the British timezone my hours may be odd and rare.

There's a children's show that I like and I usually keep it to myself, yet it's littered in the things I do. The purple one is my favourite, though.

See my illustrative work over the years here.


Tennis Record

I'm available for Tennis matches!

  • vs HomerAlltheWay - Complete! [x]
  • vs JokeyVids - Complete! [x]
  • vs BeanosOnToast (Double Fusion) - Cancelled, oh well.


  • Purp-moted to Design Staff as of 8 June 2018
  • 2nd Place in 'Best Newcomer' for YouChews the Winners 2018 - ❤️
  • 'This Interview Cost £35k' - Earned #2 in the Sentence-Mixing category for June 2017
  • Made the 'Eat Drink YouChew' site banner


Runner Up

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Top 10 Videos of May 2017_2 (Sentence mix-core)

Poop Upstart

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Submitting 5 videos to the Video System


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Eat Drink CHEW

Strike None

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For staying strike free for 1 year.

YouChews the Winner Runner-Up

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Best Newcomer 2018