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About Me

Does anybody still care about YouChew anymore? I mean, I do have an unreleased MLaaTR YTP done in iDuckFilms' style that was meant for the YouChew Copycat Contest 2015 (now available). Anyways; Hi, I'm Nunof Yerbizness, and I make YTPs. You might've heard of me, maybe not. Really though, what can I say about myself? Obviously, I've had (and still do, get) inspiration from many classics and moderns, a Yin Yang formula of sorts. If you heard of me from that Gawain Hale fella… Why? Just why? I may or may not be much active here, but; I wouldn't mind participating in the yearly Copycat Contests and Secret Santas if they're still around. I'm a pretty nice guy to most, unless there's somebody that puts my back up on a cactus. So try and not do that, alright? (Disclaimer, Tumblr blog has a bit of dedication to the RP crowd, but only those of the PG side. If you don't like RP stuff, don't worry, there's non-RP stuff there too, like my music mashups.)