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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


AbridgedHumourFTW is a currently active YouTuber pooper (Real name: Raphael Plana) who joined YouTube in 2014. AbridgedHumourFTW watched many YTP's in the years 2011-2013. His first YTP was a Caillou YTP called Caillou Fails Miserably At Strawberry picking, posted on his inactive channel, CardDrawer64. The video was deleted. His first official YTP was, Arthur Can't Stand Eminem.

First poop seen

AbridgedHumourFTW's first YTP was a YTP called, "This is what an N64 can do". It was the source of inspiration where he started from. After watching Arthur YTP's, he was inspired to make a few YTP's on his own. [1]

First poop made

AbridgedHumourFTW started experimenting with Arthur episodes on iMovie, and created a deleted and lost YTP, Apparently Cardfight Vanguard Is A Baby Show. He released his first official YTP on March 18, 2014. His first YTP was Arthur Can't Stand Eminem Music, a YTP that made him very famous attracting audiences from wileyk209zback. It was inspired by the famous PandemoniumEJP poop, Arthur Can't Stand Caramelldansen. His first YTP also had many sequels, such as Arthur Watches Haruhi Suzumiya Over Dark Bunny, Arthur Can't Stand Nightcore Music, and Arthur Can't Stand Kasane Teto. He plans to create more sequels in the future.

Preferred Sources

  • Anime (Various)
  • Arthur
  • JonTron and Game Grumps Footage
  • YouTuber Videos (NigaHiga, Jon Lajoie, Smosh, etc.)
  • Vocaloid

Preferred Methods

  • Stutter Loop
  • Ear Rape
  • Forward-Reversing
  • Stare Down and Mysterious Zoom

According to AbridgedHumourFTW, he describes his stutter loops and poopisms very trashy and not humorous. He stated in a comment to one of his fans, "I will be upgrading to Sony Vegas Pro"

Preferred Software

AbridgedHumourFTW mostly uses iMovie, but creates YTP's with other pooper LvXgaming1 with Sony Vegas Pro. He said, "iMovie isn't great for sentence mixing, but still better than Windows Movie Maker." He plans to find improved software to solve his problem with near impossible sentence mixing in iMovie.

In Real Life

AbridgedHumourFTW's real name is Raphael Plana. He was born in Canada, while his parents were born in the Philippines. AbridgedHumourFTW is also close friends with Youtube pooper, LvXgaming1.


AbridgedHumourFTW was influenced by many poopers such as cs188, Poops4theWorld, wileyk209zback, and Geibuchan. AbridgedHumourFTW enjoys creating anime YouTube Poops and Vocaloid YouTube Poops. "I'm not really an otaku, but we don't see that many high quality anime YTPs. Of course mine aren't that professional but they will be, I'm telling you."-AbridgedHumourFTW

Currently Viewable YouTube Poops

AbridgedHumourFTW's currently viewable YouTube Poops are:

Arthur Can't Stand Eminem How To Not Be Gangster The Presh Frince Of Air-Bel Arthur Watches Haruhi Suzumiya Over Dark Bunny Arthur's Illegal Local Library Boxman 3.0 The ShamPoop Arthur Can't Stand Nightcore Music TronJon And Egoraptor Faaf Some Video Games Ross Plays Computer Games On Danny Jon Lajoie Can't Caramelldansen Arthur Can't Stand Kasane Teto Sheldon And His Love For Video Game Consoles

Cancelled Or Deleted YTP's

YouTube Poop-Caillou Fails Miserably At Picking Strawberries

The very first YTP officially released by AbridgedHumourFTW to YouTube on the CardDrawer64 channel, but taken down. A copy of this YTP is still viewable on his computer.

YouTube Poop-Arthur Can't Stand Hatsune Miku

A Vocaloid version of the Play It Again DW episode that was planned to be released but cancelled and replaced with Arthur Can't Stand Kasane Teto. This YTP may be released in the future.