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This category contains some types of video editing used by poopers. Also known as '''Poopisms'''.
[[Category:YouTube Poop]]
==[[Blue Screen of Death]]==
[[Image:Bluescreeen.jpg|thumb|'''The Blue Screen of Death''' has new meaning in the YTP world ]]
Not to be confused with the Microsoft blue screen of death, this controversial poopism is also used many times without a proper understanding of its irony. Quite simply, there are thousands of available fonts and millions of available colours, so to use the WMM default text style is a complete rejection of tech and pays tribute to youtube and trash aesthetics.
Sadly, all sense of irony was lost and the blue screen of death was used in all earnestness by a new generation of poopers. Windows Vista WMM, with it's own set of defaults has resulted in this poopism starting to die out, although on screen text is still with us, in the form of [[Tech Text]] and [[It's Just a Game]]
==[[Censor Beep]]==
Often used in conjunction with [[You Cut]] and other sentence mixing methods. A word is beeped a to make it seem as though a swear word was censored. Censor beeps are often frowned upon nowadays, as either those who hate it hate censorship in general, or the fact that it's unoriginal or just plain lazy.
An apparently normal scene (that is not [[cd-i]]) takes place that demonstrates some peril. At a key moment the footage is freeze framed and the phrase "DIE" can be heard, the scene may then resume with or without actually showing a death. An alternative is "IDEH".
==[[Deja Vu]]==
Phrases, editing conventions and certain clips are used throughout an artists body of work, to create a fad attributed only with that artist.
==[[Ear Rape]]==
Turning the volume up to maximum so the it is utterly distorted. A popular choice with those that wish to annoy, but usually use sparingly in order to cause surprise.
The use of a posterfy style filter that erodes the image in order to simplify and dilute detail. This can often have a very unnerving effect, especially when use for prolonged periods.
==[[Extreme Slow-Mo]]==
Reducing the speed of a clip to around one frame per second - used both for comedic effect but also for mystery and a rather eerie suspense.
==[[It's Just a Game]]==
The use of flash graphics to suggest a poop is integrated into some kind of video game. Effective use can even suggest retro game hardware such as LCD graphics or on screen help instructions. Has been recently used over Warioware clips, suggesting certain characters have their own set of microgames which was first started off by Greenalink.
==[[PAINT JOB]]==
Badly painting over a freeze-frame. Popular choices include bulging eyes or open mouths.
==[[Rape Rave]]==
Often used within the body of a poop rather than on it's own a rape rave takes a clips or series of clips and replaces the around with dance music plus adds a quickly-changing colorize filter to suggest night-club lighting.
==[[Right There]]==
A meta-poopism which slows down or freeze frames a scene in order for the pooper to point out an error or otherwise interesting or funny detail.
==[[Stare Down]]==
A freeze of a character to suggest he/she is staring either at someone else being annoying or perhaps staring back. Sometimes the starer looks to the camera with an uneasy silence to suggest his disapproval of the previous scene.
==[[Stutter Loop]] ==
A simple and very quick loop of footage that repeats a short number of time to add emphasis.
The use of absurdly sophisticated special effects for little more than a cheap laugh. It was been argued that this is in fact a genre of poop but as yet there are very few choosing to take this route. In a similar that [[Tech Text]] evolved from [[Blue Screen of Death]] this methodology clearly evolved from [[MS PAINT JOB]] For good examples of this see the work of [[Link123456]].
==[[Tech Text]]==
The use of seemingly sophisticated motion graphics and on screen text as either a means to communicate to the viewer or as a form of personal indents. It is sometimes used to show misheard words à la animutation. Notable users include [[Glitchboyadvance]]. This poopism was fathered by [[Blue Screen of Death]] and it's super evolved state is [[It's Just a Game]].
==[[Word Trim]]==
Reducing a word in order to create new made up word. Made famous by [[elmullet]]'s [[Uctions]] series.
A YTPMV is the process of editing clips in such a way they become musical - sometimes as if the characters are even singing. Many people add synth tracks or video game music in the background to keep the music going. A YTPMV is not the lip syncing an existing song to popular YouTube Poop characters.

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This category contains some types of video editing used by poopers. Also known as Poopisms.