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Welcome To Chewiki, YES

The junk yard of poop information and crazy malformed ideas

This wiki can be understand as being composed of four areas of content.

Dr. Robotnik is watching your every move

These pages are loosely integrated into the main directory site and therefore only refer to people listed there rather than typical (unvaccinated) youtube users. Please don't add or delete pages to this section. This section is moderated by admin and but you are invited to add what you can to any page in this section including pages that refer to You.

This are is currently unmoderated and therefore very popular with our more creative users. You are welcome to create pages, invent character names or even permutations of character names (did you know there are now at least 8 different versions of Luigi) To create your own character page please add {{char}} at the start of any page you create.

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Most versions of Mario are smug

This section is for the fact finders and for our inner geek. Much of it's content is borrowed from other websites and wikis and it's there to help you find which characters come from which show and more importantly where you can find a poopable source. Next time your looking for something make sure you here, and if you find a source please help others by sharing it here.

  • Random Pages

The great unexplored and completely unmoderated free pages are for anything you like. Pointless things, stupid things clever things and moments of well hidden brilliant. This section is what the random button is for. Write what you want but don't expect it to be there tomorrow.

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Remember: The best poops include Anime and the worst Poopers complain about this

Other Areas of Interest

This page will eventually by be turned into an section but for the time being is locked. Read it and learn about how to make you poops better.

See what's in fashion and what everyone is reading about. Updated automatically.

This meme never died but instead moved medium. The most popular page for Youtube Poop's most popular character.

Three Pooper Pages worth checking out

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a photographe of a pooper