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Name: Crazy Bruce
Sex: Male
Age: Old
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Crazy Man / Seller of Liqour

{{#ev:youtube|SNkK-aQEtMI|320}}Drink Crazy Bruce's liquor and you'll be just like him.

Crazy Bruce is an old man who strives to be a singer. However, due to his weird sounds that he makes during them and his ineptitude at playing instruments, he never gets anyone to sign him to their record labels. As a result, he's forced to sing for a liqour shop that he owns.

His Life In YouTube Poop

Remember those crazy sounds that he makes? Well that, along with his weird sense of satisfaction makes him popular involving YouTube Poops. It was first discovered by HoZKiNZPooP, However, it didn't gain popularity until YTPnews1 went and said that it's okay for you to use it. The primary source of footage involving him was the one where he goes "WHOO-WHOO!!!" for no apparent reason. However, with over 15 commercials, there's no way that he'd be getting stale anytime soon.


  • "Craaaaaaazy Bruuuuuuuuce's Liqourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, we've got the bargains for you."
  • "Craaaaaaazy Bruuuuuuuuce's Liqourrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, selection and quality too."
  • "Coooooooome dooooooooown and seee uuuuus, you'll think we're too good to be truuuuuuuuuuuuuuue."
  • "Ziefordel and Cabernat, Grabmortal and Charlotnet, Craaaazy Bruce's liqour store!"
  • "WHOO-WHOO!!"
  • "If you're lookin' for a store that has great bargains, Crazy Bruce's where the place you should go."
  • "YEE-HAW!!"
  • "All my wines are on sale at low prices, Crazy Bruce's where you will save lots of dough."
  • "Come on down, Crazy Bruce is-a waiting! I will show you one that's just right."
  • "Crazy Bruce's in West Hartford or Bristol, shoppin' there is really a delight!"
  • "YEEE-HAW!!!"
  • "Eaaaaaaaaaast side, west... side, allll around the store!"
  • "Crazy Bruce's liqours is the place where you'll save moooooooore!"
  • "Having chard and morlow, chettid and pino laware!"
  • "Shopping at Crazy Bruce's makes your dollar stretch real faaaar!"


  • He was born with Jesus in his head.
  • Obviously, he owns a lot of great wines and liqours.