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This is the Google you all know and love.

Google is a company that turned to shit in 2006 when it bought out Youtube. Since Google's purchase of Youtube, videos by various users have been taken off the site by companies because of Copyright laws.


In early 2006, Google bought Youtube for a lot more money than YouChew is worth. This made a lot of people sad since they could not upload videos that have copyrighted material in them (like movies or songs). If they did, their User Account on YouTube would most likely (read: WILL) be banned

WMG Crisis

The neighborhood friendly buttfucks at WMG (Warner Music Group) discovered that people were uploading copyrighted music without permission of record companies. Since they could not agree to proper terms and service at Youtube or something, WMG decided to ignore the fair use copyright law Since most users didn't acknowledge the copyright (which is what validates fair use law), they began to Mute videos, by disabling the audio to them, thus causing the videos to be pointlessly ruined. This affects our buddy Youtube Poop, since lots of people use copyrighted music (though this can be avoided by acknowledging copyrights on songs).

The temporary new name of Google.

Name Change

On April 1, 2010, Google changed their name to "Topeka", after Topeka changed their name to "Google".

This was, of course, done as an April Fool's joke.

Liked by:

  • Larry Page (He made it.)
  • Eric Schmidt
  • Most people who have Internet access.

Disliked by:

  • Microsoft (They own Bing, which is barely used because of Google, or because Bing steals from Google.)
  • Yahoo!
  • China (For discontinuing their censored version of it.)
  • Viacom
  • A fair amount of people, users, and YTPers . (Especially after they combined YouTube with Google+)(and to this very day Google+ is still a tumor of Youtube)

Other Programs By Google

  • - Their search engine. The main feature and purpose of Google.
  • Google Earth - A program for viewing satellite photos of anywhere in the world.
  • Google Chrome - A shitty web browser that often frequently crashes on websites like Facebook, Youtube, YouChewPoop, and other websites that have Shockwave Flash. Google Chrome is not user friendly. Nowadays, however, it's considered to be much better.
  • Google Video - Some pre-YouTube video uploading site owned by Google. People upload copyrighted stuff there and Google never deletes it. Full length movies and porn is always featured on the front page. Though the rules on Google Video say that porn isn't allowed on their site, they actually have a "pornography" category. Wat.
  • Google Fight - A Google thing that shows you which thing you typed in was search the most. Once you get on the page, type in two things. It will show two Stickmen fighting. The one knocked out is the least searched. Try typing in You Vs. Me.
This is what Google's logo looks like now.
  • Google Maps - A GPS. Its not that bad. For some time though, you could catch Pokemon. (Seriously its true.)
  • Android - A knockoff of Apple's iPhone, which is supposedly an update of the iPod.


  • It used to be called BackRub.
  • Wants you not to be evil.
  • Has an awesome Pac-Man clone.
  • If you look for pictures of Satan on this website, you will end up getting a virus.
  • In 2004, after hearing that a key employee was leaving Microsoft to work for Google, Steve Ballmer threw his chair across the office in rage. He then yelled "Fucking Eric Schmidt is a fucking pussy. I'm going to fucking bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I'm going to fucking kill Google."

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