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Hitfilm refers to both a plugin for Sony Vegas Pro 12+ and standalone video-editing software that allows 3D functionality such as cubes and particles. Both have seen use by a handful of poopers, the latter of which most extensively by HourofPoop.

Pooping Potential

In spite of its slight learning curve, HitFilm's strength lie in its variety of project settings and visual effects, allowing for more control over the output specifications and creative clip distortions, respectively. Among the effects are potential for subtle footage restoration, well-suited towards those who prefer sources from older media.

HitFilm Express, in particular, is a superb free choice to prepare those wanting to experiment with more elaborate effects for more expensive software, if not even a low-budget substitute altogether.

Plugin Features

  • HitFilm 4 Pro
  • HitFilm Ignite
  • HitFilm 3 Express

People who use Hitfilm

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