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{{Team Infobox
|type          = Crack Commando Team
|founded      = 1989
|headquarters  = Several Unknown, Mexico, New York
==In Brief==
==In Brief==

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In Brief

The Incredible Laser Sword is a crack team of commandos who specialize with the use of advanced battle mech technology. They have a wide range of skills, much like the A-Team or FOXHOUND.

Their recruitment procedures are unknown, and most data on their personnel and operations is classified.


Early History

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, some time during the confusion of the formation of numerous terrorist cells, mercenary units, government agencies, and animation companies, the ILS is believed to have been formed by a small group of friends watching Voltes V clips on Youtube. These reports, along with most reports about the ILS, remain unconfirmed.

Operational History

The most detailed account of their operational history is here.

There have been reports released by US SOCOM and the Department of Defense stating that The ILS was deployed and highly active in the first Gulf War, where they successfully destroyed enemy armor units with their reputed incredible laser swords. Their reputations as elite soldiers spread quickly through the ranks of the forces deployed there, earning the ILS nicknames such as "The Demon Otakus."

Later, they were rumored to have operated in Zanzibar Land, a remote country near Pakistan, however these reports have been unconfirmed. Reportedly, their operation there saw their first casualty. It is believed that the ILS has disavowed any knowledge of this fallen member of the team. Rumors of a casualty only surfaced after part of the team (Nuthead and Rakninja) rambled drunkenly in a bar following their return from the mission. It is possible, however, that it was simply a misperception that Nuthead said, "It was terrible when those bastards dropped poor Jack," when in reality he said, "It's terrible 'cause those bastards ruined my flapjacks."

The ILS remains active even today, in the Los Angles underground as well as possibly operating out of a base in Mexico.

Metal Geardawg

200km north of the country of Galzburg, South Africa, lay the fortress of Outer Youchew, a fortified state that had been founded by a legendary mercenary in the late 1980s. In 1995, the western world had received intelligence that warned of a weapon of mass destruction that was supposedly being constructed deep within the fortress. The government called in the high-tech Special Forces unit DRUNKENFOXHOUND, commanded by the legendary soldier Big Rabbit, to infiltrate the fortress, and ordered them to send in an agent to assess the situation and neutralize whatever threat the weapon posed to the western world. In a mission known as "Operation: Youtube N312," DRUNKENFOXHOUND operative Gray WolfieTheFox infiltrated the Outer Youchew stronghold. However, days later, contact with Gray WolfieTheFox was lost, his final transmission consisted only of two words: "METAL GEARdawg..."

Rookie DRUNKENFOXHOUND operative Solid NS2, was ordered by Big Rabbit to perform a follow up mission in order to rescue Gray WolfieTheFox, and father intel on Outer Youchew and find the meaning behind "Metal Geardawg"

During a training mission on Shadow Wario in February of 2005, at a nuclear weapons facility on a remote island off the coast of Alaska, the Next-Generation Special Forces unit rebelled against the United States government, led by the covert wet works team DRUNKENFOXHOUND, under the command of Liquid Pimps. Their target was the advanced weapon system Metal Geardawg REX, a gigantic robotic weapons platform able to independently launch a nuclear warhead at any target on the face of the planet. They had one demand: the body of the greatest soldier who ever lived, Big Rabbit. The Next-Generation Special Forces (better known as the GWONAM Army), already the subject of advanced gene therapy, could use the genes of Big Rabbit to make them the ultimate soldiers. The government cannot let this happen. At the request of the Secretary of Defence, Colonel Crash, the former commander of DRUNKENFOXHOUND, summoned Solid NS2 out of retirement and sent him to infiltrate Shadow Wario in one last solo covert operation. Dr. Happy Fungus, MeiAIDS, and RAKninja are his support team.

Two years after Shadow Wario, Solid NS2 and RAKninja, working as Philanthropy receive intelligence of a new type of Metal Geardawg being transported through the Hudson River. As NS2 boards the tanker, it's seized by a rogue group of Walrusguy Mercenaries, intent on stealing the new Metal Geardawg. Eventually, the Tanker is sunk and Solid NS2 is presumed dead and the Hudson is polluted with mass amounts of Oil.

Another two years later and the Big Shell, a gigantic off shore clean up facility is taken over by a terrorist faction calling themselves the Sons Of Miss10. New DRUNKENFOXHOUND operative NUTHEAD is sent in to neutralize the threat.

The story of Metal Geardawg Solid 3 takes place in the mid-60's - a year before the beginning of the AIDS War. It was a time of tension as both sides of the world's superpowers collided against each other. The CD-i States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Poopers went head to head with the use of threats presented by the new technological weapon known as the Nuclear Bomb. Now, with the help of the CD-iS Goverment and a Goverment funded project with collobration of the CIA, a new Special Forces Unit was created known as MRFOX. Its purpose was to go behind enemy lines and do the wet work without the other side knowning who it was. Major TINS leads the newly formed MRFOX unit into its first mission in the heart of Russia with their first candidate...a veteran of warfare -- Jack, aka Naked Rabbit.

Set in 2014, five years after the "Big Shell Incident" (the events of the Plant chapter from Metal Geardawg Solid 2), Metal Geardawg Solid 4 portrays a world where the restriction of military intervention on foreign forums have been eased, fueling the need for private military companies (PMCs) to fight proxy wars for forum raiding purposes. Nanotechnology has become prominent, both to enhance the capabilities and enforce the loyalty of mercenaries. The nanomachine system that PMCs use is called "Sons of the Deepercutt" or "SOD". The five largest of these PMCs (Praying Milkr0und, Otselotovaya Kizz, WereWario, 1downpoison Armement and INCREDIBLE LASER SWORD) are owned by a single mother company named Outer Yewchew, which is operated by Liquid Dopply. Amassing an army whose manpower rivals that of the CD-i States, Liquid prepares to launch an armed insurrection by taking control of SOD. With the world once again in crisis, a rapidly aging and disillusioned Solid NS2 is deployed into the Middle East by Crash to terminate Liquid.

Current Members

The following is a list of currently known and active members of the team and their skills.

  • RabbitSnore: Bartender, sniper, master of disguise and interrogation, as well as a formidable gunfighter.
  • Crash2991: Intelligence officer.
  • Rakninja: Master cleaner of toilets, mech repairman. A master engineer and the eccentric designer of Metal Geardawg REX507
  • NS2: Tactical espionage action, assassination. Known not to be a hero, just an old killer, sent in to do some wetwork.
  • TheHappyFungus: Tactical driving of the team van.
  • Nuthead: Front line infantry.
  • MarkieV101: Unknown. Last seen in Angel Grove, California, under the guise of a door-to-door salesman.
  • strong414bad: Forgotten.
  • MAZZ0Murder: FNG.
  • SonicNerd23: Has no rank.


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