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In Brief

The Incredible Laser Sword is a crack team of commandos who specialize with the use of advanced battle mech technology. They have a wide range of skills, much like the A-Team or FOXHOUND.

Their recruitment procedures are unknown, and most data on their personnel and operations is classified.

Current members

The following is a list of currently known and active members of the team and their skills.

  • RabbitSnore: Bartender, sniper, master of disguise and interrogation, as well as a formidable gunfighter.
  • Crash2991: Intelligence officer.
  • Rakninja: Master cleaner of toilets, mech repairman.
  • NS2: Tactical espionage action, assassination. Known not to be a hero, just an old killer, sent in to do some wetwork.
  • TheHappyFungus: Tactical driving of the team van.
  • Nuthead: Front line infantry.
  • MarkieV101: Unknown.
  • strong414bad: Forgotten.
  • MAZZ0Murder: FNG.
  • SONICNERD23: Has no rank.