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In Brief

The Incredible Laser Sword is a crack team of commandos who specialize with the use of advanced battle mech technology. They have a wide range of skills, much like the A-Team or FOXHOUND.

Their recruitment procedures are unknown, and most data on their personnel and operations is classified.

Operational History

The most detailed account of their operational history is here.

Current members

The following is a list of currently known and active members of the team and their skills.

  • RabbitSnore: Bartender, sniper, master of disguise and interrogation, as well as a formidable gunfighter.
  • Crash2991: Intelligence officer.
  • Rakninja: Master cleaner of toilets, mech repairman.
  • NS2: Tactical espionage action, assassination. Known not to be a hero, just an old killer, sent in to do some wetwork.
  • TheHappyFungus: Tactical driving of the team van.
  • Nuthead: Front line infantry.
  • MarkieV101: Unknown.
  • strong414bad: Forgotten.
  • MAZZ0Murder: FNG.
  • SONICNERD23: Has no rank.