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L-2UX_70, a novice pooper since 2014.                                                                                                 
L-2UX_70, a novice pooper since 2014.                                                                                                 
Name: L-2UX_70 (Lanceristico)
Name: L-2UX_70 (Lanceristico)
Fake Name: Carlos Oliver
Fake Name: Carlos Oliver

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

L-2UX_70, a novice pooper since 2014.

[[File:[photo.jpg]]] Name: L-2UX_70 (Lanceristico) Fake Name: Carlos Oliver Country: Peru First Poop: [YTPH] - El chaach está LOL. Year Started: 2014 Expression error: Unrecognised word "xx".XX Preferred Sources: Happy Tree Friends, El chavo del ocho Preferred Methods: Sentence-mixing, pitch shift, ear rape Preferred Software: Sony vegas pro 11, Virtual DJ 7.0.4. YouTube Account: www.youtube.com/user/lx2uxx70 Alternate YouTube Account: www.youtube.com/user/j4ck4lx71 (This account belongs to my brother, but is loquender user)

In Brief

This beginning user as a pooper, was a loquender user on 2012 and 2013. (With the name of Lanceristico-X and the L-2UX_70 username since 2012)


He has known youtube-poop and youtube-poop hispano since 2008, and he taken inspiration of other poopers (Hispano poopers)

First poop seen

  • YTPH - Luigi y el perro(Remake) (By Davuuwart) (2008)
  • YTPH - Hornitos, Rick roll y Pajas rusas (By pokefan2111)(2009)
  • YTPH - Robotnik vs. Mama Luigi (By pokefan2111)(2008)

First poop made

YTPH - Lel chaach está LOL (May,2014)


Sentence-mixing, Spadinner, Ear Rape, Masking, Flash Poop, Ilusion Edition and Pitch shift.

Preferred Sources

  • El chavo del Ocho
  • HTF (Happy Tree Friends)

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

  • Virtual dj pro 7.0.4
  • Sony Vegas pro 11
  • FL Studio 10
  • Adobe Flash-Professional CS6
  • Adobe Fireworks CS6


  • Youtube Poop Hispano
  • Loquendo/Poop Hispano
  • Loquendo


  • Trolling users.
  • Pseudo-intellectual users.


  • Fistropoopman (Retired Pooper)
  • Sandovart (Retired pooper)
  • Glomiagui (Now Marcelo Canario) (YTPMV´s pooper)
  • Urbankillerx5000 (Active pooper)
  • Mr.Algoran (Active pooper)

Other Information

  • This pooper wishes participate in more of 3 youtube-poop hispano collab, and one more that himself will organize.
  • Best beginning pooper in 2014 for now.
  • He speaks English and Portuguese language, but he not understand well the sentence mixing of these languages.